martedì 28 dicembre 2010

WRTH Schedules now integrated into SWLog!

Merry Christmas from Shortwave Log!

It is with great pleasure to announce that the 2011 international and selected target/clandestine schedules from WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook) are now available in Shortwave Log. This is indeed quite the Christmas present!

The WRTH Schedules seamlessly integrate into Shortwave Log and can be directly used to identify stations, to tune the bands, or to browse the data grids.

In addition to logging, the Radio Control Server program controls over 40 receivers from 11 manufacturers such as Ten-Tec, Icom, Drake, AOR, Lowe, Yaesu, and Winradio. SDR receivers from FlexRadio and Microtelecom/Perseus are supported. Every receiver can also be configured to stream live on the Internet.

Shortwave Log is soon to celebrate its 20th year! Having started in 1991, the program has expanded over the years into a suite of programs for logging (shortwave and amateur), radio control, recording, QSL management, and enabling receivers to be published online.

Shortwave Log can be downloaded from (Bob, N3OEA via shortwavedxing ml)