mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs, November 30, 2010

** BRAZIL [and non]. 15190, was not hearing much from R. Africa, Nov 30 before 2200, but at 2210 I get two weak signals on slightly different frequencies, and a rapid warble with BFO on; somewhat less rapid on Argentina 15345v, so once again it seems trans-equatorial Doppler is in effect. This is never evident on Chile 17680, such as rechecked just now. Dominant audio on 15190 is Brazilian, from R. Inconfidência, easy to tell apart from the low-key mumbler and convicted child sex evangelist Tony Alamo during this hour from Guinea Ecuatorial (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 11965, Nov 30 at 2202, Indonesian announcement, Suara – something, but cut off the air at 2202:40*. Back on at *2203:15 and seems slightly stronger, an overdue antenna change? W&M continue conversing with musical background. This is KSDA at 2200-2230, 100 kW, 255 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1690, I have now tracked down the errant talking house in Enid. First I went back to the office of Smith Realty at 528 N Van Buren:

And made sure the signal was not emanating from the building behind this sign. No, it was DFed to ESE from there. Driving east a few blox, the signal audibly increased on the caradio. Did a loop around the neighborhood, and soon around 1930 UT Nov 30 came to a much stronger signal in the 600 block of West Elm, across from Emerson Middle School. Parked across the street from a likely house, 607,
and on the DX-398 as I walked up the driveway the signal finally started to inboom, lighting up the signal meter.

Obviously this was it, confirmed by a car in the driveway with the same phone number on the back window as announced on the 1690 loop. Before I could knock on the door, a young lady emerged, having seen me approach, and it was Samantha Sabedra- herself! Since she had stepped into the windchill with bare arms, and I was all bundled up, I kept the conversation brief, but she told me she has about 5 TH transmitters in her house, and was working on this one to redeploy it.

Was not sure of the frequencies of the others, but they are on the signs to go with them. Too bad; I was going to offer to take 1690 off her hands if she no longer wanted it (tho I am less than impressed with the modulation and frequency stability). She is aware of Greg`s TH units, says he has been pushing other realtors to use them, and there is a third agency here that has some, Exit Homesellers.

Samantha says she has been selling real estate for four years. Her own house is nice but not in an upscale neighborhood; across from a school is undesirable due to noise and congestion, even if you are not a convicted sex offender for life. It`s rather modest, no doubt compared to some of the dwellings she has handled. Unlike Greg, she`s probably too young to have seven children, and thus the urgency to rack up many large commissions. What is a realtor`s typical commission, anyway?

Once I start hearing 1690 with a new loop, or other TH frequencies, I will know where to find her for more info, such as what kind of antennas are in use. A bit later this day, but before skywave QRM, she was just barely audible on the caradio near the intersexion of West OKG and Cleveland, barely one sesquimile away, but penetrating a built-up mostly residential, partially commercial path (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SEYCHELLES [non]. 11985, Dec 30 at 2154 a signal I have not noticed before, West African string music (hereafter Bulge of Africa (BOA) music), 2155 announcement not in Arabic.

I consult the ever-more-stale final volume of PWBR `2009` I still keep by the radio, and find a possibility, FEBA UK via various locations, Thu and Fri to WAf at 2145-2215, 250 kW, Winter.
Retuned at 2159, it`s switched to French, ``tous les vendredis, à 21h45, en 11985``. Name of service starts with Akhbar, and address is an Apartado in Málaga, Espagne. 2200 into Arabic, ``Huna al-Akhbar ---`` something, a bit of French again, I think, and into yet another language. Signal is poor and fading, and CODAR has just started swishing across it at 2200. Re-retune just in time to hear carrier go off at 2215:02*.

Despite announcement that it`s Friday, this is really mardi = Tuesday! We go to current references for the answer.

HFCC shows:
11985 2145 2215 46S ASC  250 27 2356 311010 270311 D 10700 Pulaar  G   FEB VTC 

Aoki shows:
11985 FEBA RADIO 2145-2200 .23.56. Hassinya 250  27 Ascension             
11985 FEBA RADIO 2200-2215 .23.56. Pulaar   250  27 Ascension              ASC 01423W 0754S FEBA b10 VT --- So they agree this transmission is really Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri.

EiBi shows:
11985 2145-2215 1245  G FEBA Radio PU  WAf  /ASC
HFCC and EiBi have it supposedly only in Pulaar, but the first language I heard fits for the Western Sahara dialect a.k.a. Hassania; EiBi`s day-of week numbers are inconveniently one-off from Aoki and HFCC, 1=Monday, but equivalent to the others.

About Pulaar, says Wikipedia:

``Pulaar is a Fula language spoken primarily as a first language by Fula people and Tukolor (or Toorobe) in the Senegal River valley area traditionally known as Futa Tooro, and further south and east. Pulaar speakers, known as Haalpulaar'en live in Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and western Mali.

According to Ethnologue there are several dialect differences, but all are inherently intelligible.

Pulaar is not to be confused with Pular, another variety of Fula spoken in Guinea-Conakry (including the Fouta Jallon region). The Pulaar and Pular varieties of Fula are to some extent mutually intelligible, but require a separate literature.

Pulaar is written in a modified Latin alphabet but historically was written in an Arabic script known as ajami (see Fula orthographies).
[edit] Linguistic features``

World Almanac 2002 says Morocco was 98.7% Moslem, no separate figure for Western Sahara, but likely no less so. The Christian evangelists have a long way to go.

This may be the same ministry as on the `HCJB` `Arabic` service at 2100-2145 daily on 12025, in B-seasons via Sackville, which also gives an address in Málaga (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 17775, after missing a few days, KVOH is back with a vengeance, super S9+25+ signal (my FRG-7 meter isn`t accurately calibrated beyond S9+20), during gospel music, Nov 30 at 2136, and enough to audiblize the bonus whiny spurs its for-sale transmitter provides, around 17920 and less so but same pitch around 17630 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###