sabato 11 dicembre 2010

FRS on air Dec. 12th 2010

Hello FRS Friends,

A reminder informing you that FRS-Holland will be on air tomorrow Sun Dec. 12th on 6401 kHz/ 48 metres.
It regards a complete repeat of our Nov. 28th broadcast which was the second one in our 30 years trilogy.
If you missed the previous one, tomorrow is your chance. We will be on air 07.52- 14.00 UTC.
Correct reports will be verified with our November QSL (the second one in our 30th Anniversary QSL Series).
Tune in for much radio fun on a Sunday....
Our trilogy will be completed on Sunday January 16th 2011.

Important: if you have sent in either a mail or a snail mail report: so far we haven't answered any of the letters/mails/ reports.
Be sure all mail will be replied like we always do! We'd like to thank each & everyone for their support so far.
Your letters are more than welcome.

All the best, FRS Team

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