martedì 14 dicembre 2010

Radio Shacks from the Quartz Hill Collection

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

More Radio Shacks from
The Quartz Hill Collection

More radio shacks from around the world feature in the second release of QSL cards from the Quartz Hill Collection at, the global website of the Radio Heritage Foundation.

Quartz Hill was a former shortwave receiving station for the domestic radio service in New Zealand, and local amateurs were fortunate enough to use the splendid location near Wellington for a number of years.

Since replaced by a wind farm, Quartz Hill ZL6QH and its operators worked many thousands of amateur radio stations from around the world.

Some of these stations are included in this latest Radio Shacks Gallery feature and we invite you to visit today to check out the rigs and operators....and do look out for the first release in the series as well.

Amateur radio continues to thrive in many countries as new generations get the spark of wireless, and this continues a century old and still popular means of personal contact across the globe.

QSL cards remain a great way to confirm the contacts made, and we're glad to share a tiny fraction from the Quartz Hill collection with you.

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