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New Klingenfuss products for 2009: A bright future for HF!

We're now working on our new products

- 2009/2010 Guide to Utility Radio Stations
- 2009 Super Frequency List on CD
- 2009 Shortwave Frequency Guide

to be published on 10 December 2008.

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The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on CD is highly successful and now covers more than 6,000 (six thousand!) screenshots from 1997 to today. Feed your PC with this CD and the "slide show" will keep you busy for a few days - or weeks!

We're still in the sunspot minimum and daytime MUF fluctuates between 15 and 18 MHz. Recently, HF propagation conditions have been quite unfavourable for long- distance communication. Anyway, new HF e-mail services, stations, networks and frequencies continue to emerge on a regular basis. HF e-mail booms and service providers continue to expand. No other publisher considers this revolutionary development accordingly.


Latest references (see

Bob Grove W8JHD , Chief Editor, in Monitoring Times, United States of America - August 2008: "I have had the opportunity over the last 30 years to observe first hand the changes that have taken place in the HF spectrum. You will notice that the HF radio spectrum of yesterday looks nothing like the HF spectrum of today. Nowhere is this more dramatically demonstrated than in the digital modes used on HF frequencies. While some old-timers claim the bands are dead and shortwave is being abandoned, nothing could be further from the truth. The bands are as active as ever, but the modes and services transmitting on HF have changed. It's the listening hobby that, for the most part, has not kept up with the times. If you want to get on board this changing world of HF digital communications, one publication stands out above all the rest - the Klingenfuss Radio Data Code Manual. Now in its 18th edition, Joerg Klingenfuss has literally compiled an encyclopedia of digital information for the HF radio spectrum in this voluminous publication. This standard international reference book is indispensable for identifying HF radio stations using various digital modes. If you plan on really listening to the HF digital spectrum of today, then you need this book on your reference shelf."

Randy Wynn, United States of America - 1 July 2008: "I really enjoy looking through the 2008 Guide to Utility Radio Stations and also the 2008 Shortwave Radio Guide. Both books are very informative."

Mike Richards G4WNC, Decode editor of Radio User, United Kingdom - July 2008: "The Radio Data Code Manual is one of the most important references for the serious utility listener simply because it brings together a vast amount of technical information that's not available in any other single publication. The manual has been written by enthusiasts and is widely used by both professional and hobby users around the world. I particularly like the baud rate tables in the section covering identification of digital data systems. Using the signal's baud rate along with these tables, you can narrow down the possibilities for an unknown signal very quickly. This is almost always faster than automated mode recognition software. To further help identification, the digital section includes lots of high quality screenshots from the WAVECOM W61 digital data decoder. The Radio Data Code Manual continues to be the prime reference for those interested in monitoring a wide range of radio transmissions. The content is bang up to date and the range of information is not available in any other single publication."

Harald Kuhl, Buchbesprechungen editor of Radio-Kurier Weltweit Hören, Germany - June 2008: "Konkurrenzlose Eigenschaften der Kurzwelle ... Heute belegen moderne Fernschreibverfahren in einer erstaunlichen Vielfalt die Frequenzen. Radio Data Code Manual ... spart dem interessierten Datenfunker die mühsame und in einigen Fällen schwierige Sucher nach anderen Informationsquellen. Das empfehlenswerte Buch hat sich bei professionellen Anwendern als Standardwerk etabliert."

Funkamateur, Germany - June 2008: "Digitale Verfahren dominieren heute weltweit den professionellen Funkverkehr auf Kurzwelle. Funkdienstspezialist Jörg Klingenfuss' Radio Data Code Manual erlaubt einen Blick auf die oft verschlossene Welt der professionellen Übertragungsverfahren."

Megahertz, France - May 2008: "Radio Data Code Manual ... L'ouvrage fait office de référence dans le milieu et il est consideré comme indispensable pour identifier un grand nombre de modes 'exotiques' que l'on peut entendre sur les bandes HF."

Randy R Wynn, United States of America - 28 April 2008: "The 2007/2008 Guide to Utility Radio Stations is very well put together, and very informative, and can't wait to get next year's edition. The books are very helpful here stateside."


Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

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