mercoledì 2 ottobre 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: CRI via Cerrik observations

re 9592 kHz keyboard glitch Oct 1st ?
{in USSR era some irregularities occured on
broadcast centers, happened often during national holiday,
because of heavy drink consumption then,
CHINA P.R. is currently celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Republic
... }

Today Oct 2nd all 4 transmissions from CRI European relay site at Cerrik
Albania are on x.000 even frequency channel.
Despite signal strength is only S=9+10dB on sidelobes,
little less than usual summer strength in southern Germany.
CER azimuths at this 6-7 UT hour is

140degr towards NE/ME/NoEaAF, and
240degr towards NoWeAF and WeAF.

CRI Arabic 5985 240degr, 9590.even 140degr, 11775 240degr
CRI English 11710.000 at 140degr, 18 kHz wideband audio signal during singer
performance in peaks transmission, CRI English stn ID at 06.55:30 UT.
73 wb