lunedì 9 novembre 2009

Vegas Weekend Log November 7-8, 2009

Weekend DXing

Saturday 07.11.09

17595 R. EXTERIOR DE ESPANA at 1456 Spanish, Music followed by YL reporting Nx. F signal.
15530 R. MARTI (USA) at 1514 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs con noticias. F signal.
15560 R. PORTUGAL INT at 1518 Portuguese, Hrd pop music. F signal.
12095 BBC (UK) at 1524 English, OM announcing sports event. F signal.
7240 R. AUSTRALIA at 1528 English, Hrd country music. F signal.
6890 KNLS ANCHOR POINT (Alaska, USA) at 1546 Russian, YL ancr. P-F signal.
9905 R. FREE ASIA (via Palau) at 1553 Mandarin, OM and YL ancrs. F signal (no QRN).
9535 R. JAPAN at 1611 Japenese, OM and YL ancrs. Hrd was some sort of variety prgm to incl snippets of music and audience laughter. F-G signal.
9640 R. PORTUGAL INT at 2131 Portuguese, OMs announcing soccer game. G-VG signal.

Sunday 08.11.09

6145 R. JAPAN at 0721 Japanese, OM ancrs. Hrd pop music. F-G signal.
6185 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA (Brazil) at 0731 Portuguese, OM ancr with music programming. P-F signal (no QRN).
5965 R. EXTERIOR DE ESPANA (via Costa Rica) at 0744 Spanish, OM and YL ancrs. F-G signal.
9505 BBC (via Singapore) at 1541 Bengali, OM ancr. F signal.
13740 CHINA RADIO INT at 1547 English, YL with report on Chinese foods. F signal. // 7325 P-F signal.
9335 V. of Korea (DPR) at 1551 English, YL speaking of Korean independence. F signal
15560 R. PORTUGAL INT at 1607 Portuguese, OM and YL ancrs announcing soccer game. G signal.
9535 R. JAPAN at 1628 Japanese, OM ancr. G signal.
9905 R. FREE ASIA (via Palau) at 1643 Mandarin, OM ancr. Hrd indigenous music. F-G signal. // 9355 P signal // 9455 P signal.
15580 V. OF AMERICA at 1729 English, OM ancr. Hrd "Today in History" segment of program. Followed by YL ancr with "Press Conference USA." P-F signal.

Remarks: This wknd was particularly bad for my condo-living environment. All signals with a solid P or lower rating (unless noted) were accompanied by QRN.
Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA. Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.

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