lunedì 16 novembre 2009

Vegas Logs November 13 and 15, 2009

Friday 13.11.09

9895 R. NETHERLANDS (via Rwanda) at 2220 Arabic, YL ancr speaking to OM. Mentioned were Nicaragua and the Sandinistas. G-VG signal.
9660 R. HABANA CUBA at 2224 Spanish, OM ancr. G signal.
11635 R. TAIWAN INT at 2229 Chinese, YL ancr. P signal w/ QRN.
9915 BBC (via Ascension Island) at 0232 English, YL ancr with "Business Weekly" prgm. F signal w/ QRN.
9490 V. OF AMERICA (via Philippines) at 2238 English, OM ancr reporting Nx. F signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 2310 English, OM ancr with the Wx. P signal w/ QRN.
15250 R. NACIONAL DE VENEZUELA (via Cuba) at 2346 Spanish, YL ancr. Talk about Russia and Georgia. F-G signal w/ hum in bg. // 13680 F signal.
11970 CHINA RADIO INT at 2330 English, YL and OM ancrs with "Letterbox" as part of "Listeners' Garden." Followed by report on "Singles Day," a Chinese pop culture holiday celebrated on November 11th. F-G signal.
11990 CHINA RADIO INT at 2342 Cambodian, OM ancr. Hrd pop music. F signal.      

Sunday 15.11.09

9700 R. BULGARIA at 0215, Hrd music. Bc was difficult to copy. P signal w/ QRN.
6140 R. HABANA CUBA at 0218 Spanish, YL ancr. F signal w/ QRN.
11780 R. NACIONAL DA AMAZONIA (BRAZIL) at 0220 Portuguese, Hrd pop music. F signal.
9680 R. TAIWAN INT at 0228 English, YL ancr. Spoke about prolonging death which is often painful to patient. Prgm "Women Making Waves." G signal. // 5950 P-F signal w/ QRN.
6010 R. SWEDEN at 0235 English, YL ancr reporting Nx. P signal w/ QRN. Difficult to copy.
9780 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 0242 German, YL ancr. F-G signal.
7335 V. OF RUSSIA (via French Guiana) at 0252 Spanish, YL ancr. F-G signal.

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA. Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.

Before the world wide web there was World Band Radio.