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Wolfgang Bueschel: remote log of Friday Jan 7th at 03.00 and 04.00 UT

Log of Friday Jan 7th at 03.00 and 04.00 UT in Masset BC-CAN,
Edmonton-Alb-CAN, Rochester NY state noted remotedly on
various Perseus SDR units there.

3215even USA WWCR Nashville TN, S=4-5 poor -106dBm in Masset BC-CAN
at 03.02 UT, and S=9+15dB in Rochester NY-USA at 03.04 UT re-
motedly. Checked against CHU Ottawa time and standard signal
on 3330 kHz. Pastor from Connecticut address and phone # +867
4764.998 CUB Radio Progreso via 50kW ex USSR unit at Bejucal, S=5-6 at
03.15 UT on Jan 7, Latin AM music px, what else ?
5040even CUB RHC Bauta outlet in Spanish, also LatinAM mx, at 03.17 UT
'la historia ... musica ... '
5024.996 CUB rather odd fq sce from Bauta, low power reserve unit ?
S=6 at 03.19 UT. Talk in Spanish.
6000even CUB Powerhouse but MUCH AUDIO DISTORTED signal of RHC English
via Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW, S=9+20dB at 03.22 UT.
Lengthy report of Calais France / English channel on refugee
boat people on ships to British coast beach shores.
6060 nothing nil of Cuba at 03.24 UT.
6150.024 BRA Likely Rádio Saturno, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
at 03.25 UT equal level co-channel
6150even ROU RRI Galbeni in Spanish, S=6 at 03.26 UT.
6159.889 USA Poor string of likely exciter signal of WBCQ in Maine
border state in NoEaUSA, S=4 at 03.28 UT on Jan 7th.
6184.969 MEX XEPPM R. Educacion Mexico City D.F., S=4-5, -102dBm poor
and tiny noted in remote Rochester-NY Perseus SDR unit.
At 03.30 UT saxophone dance mx like England Slow Waltz of the
20ties last century.
9535.005 CUB RHC Bejucal 100kW unit at Bejucal site, LatinAM target
azimuth towards MEX, GTM, to Panama Colombia. S=5-6 sidelobe
out to NY state USA. 03.33 UT on Jan 7th.
9560even MDG NHK Radio Japan Tokyo in Swahili to EaAF target azimuth,
brokered of ENC Encompass Digital Media Services FMO; or-
ganized via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility
S=8 signal in NY state in 03.30-04.00 UT slot. At 03.40 UT
to mention excellent audio quality transmission.
9650.003 CUB RHC Bejucal in Spanish southeasterly azimuth towards
at Trinidad, Antilles, Suriname SoAM, information talk S=5
at 03.45 UT.
9699.996 CUB RHC Bauta ex49mb in B-20 formerly, in English language
at 03.48 UT \\ QUIvican San Felipe TITAN 250kW on 6000 kHz.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 5)

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From: "Wolfgang Bueschel" Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2022
Subject: Re: [WOR] Glenn Hauser log roundup December 30, 2021-January 5,

Log of Wednesday Jan 5th at 17.30 and 18.00 UT in Brisbane Queensland AUS
remotedly on that Perseus SDR unit there.

11530.032 TUR Despite Kurdish radio relay 'Radyo Denge Welat' brokered by
BRB Broadcast Belgium, <> co-ch here,
is usually jammed since 19 October 2019 by Turkish state organi-
zation intelligence security jamming program from TRT bcast
center Emirler, the Turkish jammer was alone remained on this
channel at this 17.30 UT onwards hour.
S=8 at 17.30 UT in Australia.
11549.978 MRA RFA US AGM prop station in Korean, via Saipan Agingan Point
S=5-6 backlobe in AUS, at 17.32 UT on Jan 5.
11590even MRA RFA US AGM in Mandarin Chinese, via main AGM Tinian relay,
S=8 backlobe, and tremendous broadband co-channel also of
11590even CHN CNR1 jammer of mainland China security organization service
against US RFA and VoA parallel organization into Far East Asia.
11659.984 SWZ e'Swatini TWR Africa in Oromo Mon-Fri only, 17.30-18.00 UT
sidelobe S=5 into Queensland, at 17.36 UT.
11745.011 ARS Army radio 'Al Azm-Radio' via probably Jeddah(?) site, to
target on southern ARS and border to Yemen national war area.
S=7-8 sidelobe to AUS, at 17.38 UT on Jan 5.
11850even STP US AGM relay site Pinheira, VoA in English to AF, at
17.30-18.00 UT, S=6 signal noted in Brisbane-AUS. 17.40 UT.
11859.964 ARS excile radio 'Rep of Yemen Radio' as guest at Riyadh bc
center, Arabic sce, S=8-9 into Queensland heard remotedly,
at 17.42 UT on Jan 5th.
11885even VTN Voice of Vietnam Hanoi via Son Tay broadcast center, at
17.43 UT. Bad OVERMODULATED audio quality, Vietnamese language
sce at 17-18 UT S=7 strength totally sidelobe azimuth to AUS.
and \\ 9730 kHz in 31 mb too, lower level of S=5.
11935even CVA Vatican Radio in Tigre at S=7 to Horn of Africa and AUS
azimuth behind across Indian Ocean path, 17.45 UT out of their
Santa Maria di Galeria Vatican State bcast center.
12030even ESP REE Noblejas NE/ME/SoAs and Indian Ocean azimuth target
S=7-8 surprising signal in Queensland, at 17.47 UT in Arabic
language sce. Scheduled Mon-Fri only 17.30-18.00 UT.
12064.984 UAE BBC London in Hausa lang sce to AF azimuth, via Al Dhabbaya
One of their ENC brokered four TXs always odd frequency.
S=7 strength at 17.50 UT.
12120even PHL Radio Pilipinas in Filipino via US AGM Tinang relay site
at 17.52 UT, S=5-6 only sidelobe azimuth to Queensland-AUS.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 5)