sabato 15 gennaio 2022

AIR Hyderabad B 1377 kHz off

DX India exclusive:

My local station AIR Hyderabad B 1377 kHz 20 kW is noted off air today at the usual sign on time of 0100 UTC / 6.30 am IST. It was noted signing off at 1730 UTC /11.00 pm IST last night

This channel used to carry Yuv Vani programs in Telugu, English Urdu and other programs in Kannada and Marathi. In the old days there was a DX program also in English being broadcast.

After Covid 19 started, their normal programs were heard only for the morning broadcast (6.30-10.45 am).

The afternoon (1.00 to 3.00 pm) and evening services ( 5.20 to 11.00 pm) were replaced by relay of Vividh Bharati Hindi Service from Mumbai.

Hyderabad B Service was started on 13 Nov 1972. It was in service for exactly 49 years and 2 months. At first a 10 kW transmitter was used which was replaced by a 20 kW one.

Hope some the programs broadcast on Hyderabad B will now be available on Hyderabad A (?)

My QSL for 1377 kHz is in:

End of an era.....


Jose Jacob, VU2JOS