domenica 16 febbraio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel: Mexico log

MEXICO  6185.711 measured as poor tiny signal of XEPPM Radio Educacion from D.F. at 03.10 UT on Febr 16.

Here the figures of monitored JBA under threshold signals in North America. MX piece heard at 03.18, but only 5% modulation. I couldn't recognize any type of music so far, such tiny signal level to mention.

S=5 -88dBm in remote at Cape Canaveral FL
S=5 -92dBm in remote at Detroit MI
S=6 -83dBm in remote at Alabama
S=6 -83dBm in remote at Alberta CAN

Even to listen barefoot, to switch OFF AGC on the remote SDR rx totally, brought no better signal, which happens very rarely.

73 wb  df5sx