mercoledì 19 febbraio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel log

MEXICO   6185.695 kHz measured tonight at 02.45 UT on Febr 19.
No audio, S=9  CARRIER ONLY signal in Alberta remote unit in Canada.

BRAZIL  6180.013 ahead of co-channel 6180 CRI Chinese from RadioCuba
relay site but underneath.

CUBA   Intermodulation strings visible on S=4-5 level in 49 mb, at 02.50 UT:
6000 RHC / 6180 CRI from Quivican produced two Intermodulation strings on
5820.982 and 6360.009 approx. (+ / - 180 Hertz).

5999.994 RHC only less than 5% audio, carrier strength of S=9+20dB though.

6060even RHC Powerful S=9+30dB Bauta site signal, Sp progr at 02.48 UT,
20 kHz wideband signal to mention tonight !  Nice audio.

USA WBCQ 5130even at JBA threshold level, S=3 at 02.30 UT on Febr 19.
9330even sermon heard, S=5 in Rochester NY,
S=9+25dB in remote Cape Canaveral FL SDR rx unit.
Weak JBA signals in Alberta Canada remote unit,
also similar weak poor strength outlets of WRMI Okeechobee tonight.

CUBA  no offset transmission from Radio Cuba Bejucal at
13.30-13-50 UT on Wed Febr 19:

 7340even RHC Spanish at 13.30 UT, S=7 signal in Alberta.

13740even RHC Spanish at 13.40 UT, S=8-9 in Alberta CAN.

 9535even RHC Bejucal 100 kW site, S=9 in Alberta-CAN.

{ UNID 9639.890 kHz string, JBA exciter? signal only at 13.44 UT }

15140 even, much distorted audio signal from Bauta site,
S=9+10dB at 13.47 UT.
BUZZ strings visible at 60 Hertz distance
and further more 10 x 120 Hertz distance on either sideband too.

15230even RHC from Quivacan San Felipe TITAN bcast center,
S=8-9 in Alberta CAN, backlobe signal, azimuth is SoAmerica.

73 wb