sabato 22 febbraio 2020


** ANTARCTICA. 15475.96, Feb 22 at 1803, via Pardinho SP KiwiSDR, LRA36 ID in passing and again at 1804 as ``la radio más austral del mundo``, seems discussion with station manager in Argentine accent, of the station and history of the base. It seems that 22 Feb is the anniversary of something. Tnx to tip from Dan Robinson who was hearing it the previous hour also via this remote and still probably the one at Gaithersburg MD, who`s been on RX #07 since 1716. This interrupts my listening to Mozart at the Met! (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

Continued listening: 1830 mentions a helicopter, and tries to play a song about Antarctica, 1831 succeeds, 1833 trying for a hookup with another Arg base, San Martín, but does not seem to make it; 1836 ID and `Antártida`` song, 1840 ID, mentions ``El día de la Antártida Argentina``, marking continuous presence for 116 years since 1904. Here`s more about that: (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)