mercoledì 19 febbraio 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations

CUBA   that offset minus 800 Hertz TX unit originate from former USSR relay of Radio Moscow at Bejucal site of RadioCuba. It's in turn use from time to time.

At other time of the day used as
1200-1500  7340 BEJ 50kW 110 Ant  Spanish  Antilles ex 9640 kHz
1200-1500 13740 BEJ 50kW 160 SoAm Spanish  Buenos Aires ex13780 kHz B-18

Maybe an alternative TX unit of few remained 50 kW type TXs at this site.
See below also Ivo's monitoring of clandestine spy number services.

Technical data
15370 kHz 135degrees azimuth. #A-27-antenna in nomenclatura figures,
HRS 4/4/1 type, aimed at Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Buenos Aires Argentina in 
South America, I guess 23.30-01.30 UT is right their scheduled time.

CUBA  9240even, SPY numbers in Spanish language,
HM01 Random numbers on exact even fq
from RadioCuba Bejucal site this Febr 19 morning at 09.11 UT.

S=9+5dB  here in southern Germany.
S=9+25dB in Edmonton Alberta remote unit,
         with local antenna selection as '30dB' switch option.
S=9+5dB in Detroit MI
S=9+25 - 30dB signal noted in remote MA and NJ SDR rx units.

73 wb  df5sx
wwdxc germany