sabato 8 febbraio 2020

Log of Febr 8, reception on various remote SDR rxs units. 02.00 - 03.20 UT

Checked the otherwise skip signals across MA, NJ, MI sites,
on various remote SDR rxs units. 02.00 - 03.20 UT

7490.067 USA  WBCQ poor S=5 or -88dBm signal into Alabama-US remote unit.
         At 0317 UT on Febr 8.
5800even USA  WRMI pure international music program like Satchmo+trumpet
         of the 60ties, ID WRMI few times given at 01.45-02.00 UT slot,
         sharp TX off at 02.00 UT.
6125 & 7435 USA  R Marti Greenville on 6125 (10 kHz wideband) and 7435 kHz
         but also scratch jamming co-ch noted at 02.56 UT on Febr 8.
6180 kHz CRI Chinese from Quivican San Felipe TITAN relay site of 250 kW,
         but noted then also 03.00-03.02 UT with CRI English program,
         a much late switch by the RadioCuba technician, heard after the
         switch from 03.03 UT on 5910even kHz CRI English, S=9+20dB in
         remote Detroit MI rx unit.
{btw. R Nacional do Amazonia 6180 was nearly even fq, no buzz heterodyne
against CRI from Cuba anymore.}
4765even CUB  R Progreso nice Latin mx feeling S=9+20dB signal in Alabama
         but annoying QRM by CODAR signals in 60 meterband unfortunately,
         4763 to 4792, and 4884 to 4914 kHz at 02.12 UT on Febr 8.
         Both Bauta outlets with excellent clean audio quality at 02.19UT
5025even CUB  R Rebelde 5025 even and RHC Spanish service on both 5040 \\
         6060 even kHz, S=9+30dB 9.6 kHz wide audio block visible.
         Even in audio peaks up to 20 kHz wide on 5040 kHz channel.
4885.024 BRA   Also R Clube do Para kHz suffered, \\ web 690 kHz player.
5999.994 CUB  Only 5% modulation on RHC from TITAN 250 kW site,
         English but powerhouse S=9+40dB carrier otherwise.
         \\ 6145even RHC English from Bauta site at 02.40 UT on Febr 8.
4980 kHz UNID  a weak signal noted in AL and FL remote SDR rxs,
         likely tiny exciter signal of WRMI Okeechobee-USA ? at 02.16 UT.
         Weak S=3-4 or -97dBm.
5085even USA  WTWW scheduled here, S=9+15dB at 02.21 UT in remote Alabama.
5758.600 F__  UNID  UTE carrier transmission, likely registered at
         FN French Navy Toulon Digital from France on 5760 kHz, S=9+10dB
         at 02.25 UT.
5819.987 UNID carrier S=5 or -90dBm tiny signal at 02.28 UT.
5829.985 USA  WTWW requested here, English language talk, S=9+15dB at
         02.31 UT, noted in AL & FL remote rxs.
5910even ROU  RRI Tiganesti Romanian lang service to NoAM. S=9+20dB.
         Pop mx of the 70ties played. Excellent signal, 10 kHz wideband
         at 02.33 UT on Febr 8.
6049.998 EQA  HCJB Quito, not strong tonight at 02.42 UT, S=5-6 or -92dBm
6069.992 CAN  CFRX Toronto, English talk of two ladies, 02.46 UT on Feb 8
         S=9+15dB -61dBm in MI and AL states.
6089.985 IRN  VoIRIB Spanish sce from Sirjan site, S=9+20dB or -65dBm at
         02.48 UT on Feb 8.
6040.005 IRN  VoIRIB in Arabic, S=5 poor -92dBm. \\ 6069.985 at 03.38 UT.
6075.004 IRN  VoIRIB Tehran Pashto sce to AFG, S=6 or -91dBm at 02.52 UT.
6105even F__  NHK Radio Japan Tokyo in Japanese, via TDF Issoudun relay
         center towards NoAM, 02-04 UT scheduled, at 02.54 UT on Febr 8
         powerhouse signal S=9+40dB -42dBm signal strength, 11.6 kHz
         wideband audio block visible.
6150even ROU  RRI Galbeni site interval signal heard at 02.59 UT,
         followed by RRI Spanish sce towards Latin America target,
         at 03.00-03.57 UT, S=9+20dB into remote SDR rx at Alabama-US.
         10 kHz wideband, also \\
7410even ROU  RRI Galbeni bcast center outlet, S=9+25dB in AL-US state.
7314.996 USA  WHRI mx program at 03.11 UT, S=6 or -87dBm signal level only
7385even USA  WHRI mx program at 03.14 UT, S=9+5dB or -73dBm strength.
7505.002 USA  WRNO at S=7 level only, maybe skip condition to Alabama
         remote SDR rx unit?  AT 03.21 UT on Febr 8.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 8)