martedì 3 settembre 2019

Log of Sunday Sept 1st, 05.00 UT - 07.00 UT

Log of Sunday Sept 1st, 05.00 UT - 07.00 UT, made it into remote SDR units
at central Europe, in Doha Qatar ME and Aberdeen-NJ-US east coast.

 7325DRM mode    RRO Bucharest in French at 05.00-05.30 UT S=9+25dB in
           WeEUR, target is Iberian peninsula. NOT ON 6080 kHz in DRM mode
           acc HFCC table - latter which is VoA STP English now instead.
           Instead RRO Bucharest on 6015 kHz via Galbeni site ex-6080 kHz
           - since April 11 -. Somehow the frequency request handling of
           the Romanian RadioCom organization is VERY SLOPPY over the
           months since February. 05.15 UT on Sept 1.
15340 CHN  Music of CNR1 px jamming against SOH Taiwan at 05.25 UT Sept 1,
           traced in Doha Qatar ME.
15410 ROU  RRO Bucharest in English towards AUS and NZL Pacific,
           at 0530 UT on Sept 1. Maybe used Galbeni site exchange instead
           of TIG Tiganesti? S=9+20dB in Doha Qatar ME.
17760 ROU  RRO Bucharest in English via Galbeni requested, but NOT ON AIR,
           I guess TX at Galbeni used instead of RRO French to France
           on 6015 kHz instead. 05.36 UT on Sept 1.
 4885.025  BRA  Weak signal on BrasPortuguese program of S=4-5 tiny,
           noted on remote NJ-US state remote SDR at 05.39 UT on Sept 1.
 4774.996  SWZ / Eswatini. TWR Manzini English very tiny signal SBA on
           NB-US, at 05.40 UT S=4 level, some UTE QRM, STANAG on 4812 kHz,
           CODAR QRM 4772 - 4804 kHz S=7 strength.
 4840.002  USA  Powerful S=9+25dB of WWCR Nashville TN-US, Joan Baez like
           US singer, at 05.42 UT. 11.4 kHz wideband audio block.
 5085even  USA  WTWW En, pop mx, singer group, S=9+25dB at 05.46 UT
           on Sept 1. 12.2 kHz wideband audio signal block visible.
 5800.013  ???  Probably?  WRMI Okeechobee, 181degr new horizontal log-
           periodic antenna, in use with TX #14 also on 5010 kHz at other
           times. Weak signal of religious organ music. 05.49 UT Sept 1.
 5999.995  CUB  RHC English, S=9+30dB powerful signal in NJ-US state,
           05.51 UT on Sept 1. Via CubanRadio Quivican San Felipe TITAN
           bcast center site. Talk on European Union / GB brexit matter,
           Also EU / Cuban relation economic talk. At 05.55 UT news
           of hurrican weather prediction on Bahamas and US east coast.
           \\ 6100even kHz S=9+15dB;  6165even kHz S=8 in NJ-US.
           \\ 5040even Bauta site at S=9+15dB level.
 6015even  ROU  RRO Galbeni at S=7 signal in NB-US state. 05.54 UT Sept 1
 7850even  CAN  CHU Ottawa time standard signel, Poor S=4 under much bad
           condition on Sept 1 at 05.57 UT.
 7365even  USA  US IBB BBG Radio Marti opposition radio program in Spanish
           against Cuba Republic in Latin America. Transmit via Greenville
           NC site at 06.00 UT Sept 1. S=9+25dB powerful, weather items
           from Cuba: 24 cent temperatur Celsius at Santa Clara Cuba.
           \\ 7334.996 kHz slower at S=9+15dB power level.
           R Marti short noticias block ended at 06.03:50 UT.
11675.705  TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish, requested at 06.00-11.55 UT slot
           service to NE/ME/CeAS target, S=9+35dB signal on remote SDR
           at Doha Qatar ME unit. 06.11 UT on Sunday Sept 1st.
11710even  ALB  CRI Beijing English program, via European relay site at
           Cerrik-B. S=9+10dB signal noted in Doha Qatar SDR installation.
           Scheduled 05-07 UT. Noted at 06.12 UT on Sunday Sept 1.

11685 to 11780 kHz wideband likely DITTER  JAMMING received at Doha Qatar,
probably against Saudi Army radio service "Al Azm Radio" on 11745 kHz
from Jeddah-ARS towards Yemen civil war area. Heard at 0614 UT on Sept 1.

11880even  AUT  AWR in Arabic via ORS Moosbrunn Austria site, S=9+10dB
           noted in Doha Qatar ME SDR unit. 0605-0705 UT, noted 06.15 UT
           Arabic female voice pastor read ministry.
11884.991  CHN  PBS Xinjiang covered CNR13 program, Uyghur service,
           via Urumqi site at 06.18 UT on Sept 1. \\ 13669.964 kHz Urumqi
           and \\ 13700 kHz S=9 via Lingshi CHN same program too.
11930even  VAT  Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria, Sunday only mass
           in Ukrainian. S=9 strength noted at 06.19 UT in Doha Qatar ME

11970DRM mode  KWT  Radio Kuwait S=9+10dB or -61dBm digital block visible
           06.20 UT on Sept 1,
           bad HFCC fq request solution - on side flank of digital sound,
           due of NHK R Japan Arabic service nearby via
11975even  TDF Issoudun France relay 11975 kHz.

13550even  CHN  CNR1 powerful jamming against co-ch SOH TWN Falun Gong sce
           S=9 in Qatar ME at 06.25 UT. But nothing of SOH px heard so far
13610.042  ARS  SBA via MOCI Riyadh, Radio Saudi AR 1st px. S=9+20dB power
           at 06.26 UT noted in Doha Qatar ME SDR unit.
13635.007  TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish sce scheduled 06.00-12.55 UT towards
           Western Europe audience, noted S=9+10dB on back/sidelobe in
           Doha Qatar ME. 06.28 UT on Sunday Sept 1.
13729.996  IRN  VOIRI via Zahedan site, Arabic scheduled at 05.30-07.30 UT
           S=9+20dB strength in Qatar remote SDR, 20 kHz wideband audio,
           and terrible wideband spurious SCRATCHING spur of 65 kHz apart
           distance on 13660-13770 kHz, and 13790-13800 kHz symmetrical.

9540 kHz RRO Romanian Sunday only "Curierul Romanes" NOT ON AIR on Sept 1,
from 07.00 UT onwards, heard instead on 11790TIG, 13750GAL, and 15200GAL.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 1)