domenica 1 settembre 2019

FRS-Holland celebrates its 39th Anniversary

Following our Summer evening broadcast late July, FRS-Holland will carry out its traditional late August Summer evening broadcast next Sunday September 1st.  

It will be the celebration of our 39th anniversary knowing FRS officially started its broadcasting life on Sunday August 31st 1980. In the past years various interesting themes were presented in our August broadcast: Made in Holland, progressive rock from Dutch bands, the 1967 Summer, Music & Radio Stories, music related to the 'Sea' topic, RNI Musical Memories etc. Also this time we offer a varied & interesting thematic programme offer! Just see for yourself and have a look at our schedule below....

Next Sunday FRS commences transmission at 17:52 UTC / 19:52 CEST; close down will be at approx. 21:05 UTC / 23:05 CEST. 

We realize that close down is late but we feel this is the best option. 

Frequencies will be good old 7700//5810 kHz.

See web site for full schedule