mercoledì 4 settembre 2019

Athens SDR access to Manolis SV1BTL SDR unit, incl. Wellbrook ALA 1530LN

some quick log of 07.30-07.50 UT slot on Sept 4th:

 729.006 ERA Athens S=9+55dB -19dBm local powerhouse 07.30 UT.
 918carrier only, GRC?  S=9+30dB at 07.31 UT
 926.995 TUR  TRT Izmir at S=6 level in Athens at 07.32 UT.
 945even GRC  Greek folk mx station, S=9 at 07.33 UT.
1007.991 UNID carrier S=5 under threshold at 07.34 UT.
1070.998 GRC  International guitar instrumental  pop mx program,
         S=9+15dB at 07.50 UT,
         18 kHz wide audio signal visible on screen.
1106.987 GRC  Greek folk mx program, S=9+20dB at 07.49 UT,
         14 kHz wide audio signal visible on screen.
1143     UNID carrier on threshold level, S=5 at 07.48 UT.
1188even GRC  Greek mx station, S=9+15dB at 07.46 UT.

mix 1224even, and S=8 at 1224.444 kHz latter music pirate?, 
         at 07.44 UT.

1268.998 GRC  Greek singer program, S=9+10dB at 07.43 UT.
1304.996 GRC  Greek mx program, S=6 at 07.52 UT.
1323even UNID weak tiny stn, S=5 at 07.41 UT.
1521.928 UNID program, S=6 at 0739 UT.
1601.825 ... 1602.082 MUCH UNSTABLE pirate, Greek/Balkan/Turkish flute mx
         S=6-7 at 07.38 UT.

Need more trace log work in coming autumn periode. Especially to trace  Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, Syrian mediumwave stations then.

vy73 wolfgang   df5sx