giovedì 27 giugno 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba and Brazil observations

CUBA  11850even  RHC Spanish to Chile, TX #3 at Quivican San Felipe TITAN
bcast center at 170degr azimuth antenna #9.
Seemingly a DX antenna of HRS4/4/0.9 characteristic.
Nothing noted on 'nearby distance' MI or NJ, NY state SDR remotes.

But QUI 11850 kHz fundamental and two spurious on even 11840 and 11860.0 kHz noted far away distance in Alberta Canada and on various KIWI SDR in TWR Bonaire Antilles location and in SoAM remotes like Brazil and Paraguay.

11860.000 kHz Quivican spurious suffered by co-channel
11859.966 kHz ARS Republic of Yemen Radio in excile via SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Arabic, HQ morning prayer at 01.01 UT on June 27.

Also noted again
11745.000 kHz exact Al-Azm R via Jeddah refurbished bcast center, HQ prayer at 01.06 UT on June 27, S=9+10dB in Detroit Michigan state location.

BRAZIL  11780.008  Radio Nacional da Amazonia Brasilia in power S=9+15dB at 01.14 UT on June 27, nice light Brazilian music program.

73 wb  df5sx