sabato 29 giugno 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: Voice of Nigeria on 11770kHz

Checked all VoNIG 7255, 9690, 11770, and 15120 at 16.10 UT, but nil then, now 11769.903 kHz at 16.49 UT in western Europe SDR net S=9+10dB in Blackpool UK, S=9+15dB in Holland, S=9 signal in Hungary too.

Now also 11769.903 kHz at 19.45 til 20.06 UT on June 29.

In western Europe remote SDR net S=9+15dB in Blackpool UK, S=9+10dB in Holland, S=9 signal in Cape Canaveral Florida too.
S=5-6 signal in Rochester NY state. Before 19.30-20.00 UT seemingly Fulfulde language. Then from 20.00 UT in Hausa language section.

In eastern Austria, Hungary and northeastern Italy VoNIG signal suffered by CRI German on 11775 kHz sideband adjacent QRM.

73 wb  df5sx