lunedì 18 febbraio 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: Log of Febr 18

At 0130 UT on remote SDR unit at New Jersey-US state on east coast:

7280even UZB  TWR India, at 01.24 UT Febr 18 heard typical Himalaya area
Nepalese origin mx, S=9+10dB in NJ-US. Final TWR announcement interval
signal theme at 01.29:55 UT, and followed by RRTM RED Telecom Tashkent
Uzbekistan bcast center TX switch OFF at 01.30:07 UT.

7315even USA  Opening procedure of Voice of Vietnam, viw WHRI relay site
Furman South Carolina, English schedule 01.30-02.00 UT, S=9+20dB,
news read by 17 army force battles in 1979 year,
USSR helped Vietnam on northern border defence war. 01.34 UT on Febr 18.

7495.003 THA  VoA Radio Ashna program in Pashto language, heard powerful
S=9+30dB signal on remote SDR at Delhi India installation.
At 01.37 UT on Febr 18. Audio wideband signal of 11 kHz traced.

And now some monitoring on remote Cape Canaveral Florida state site

MEXICO  6185.007, XEPPM R Educacion from Mexico D.F.,
poor tiny S=5 at 0116 UT on Febr 10.
(wb  df5sx, Rochester NY SDR, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 10)

MEXICO    6184.992 kHz, Febr 16 at 0023 UT, XEPPM is S8-S9 but as usual very
undermodulated with music; 0029 UT Spanish announcement; 0040 UT PSAs
including Secretaria de Salud, plug a concert at 5pm in the Palacio de
Bellas Artes; then some jazz. I'm rechecking it following this news from
Julian Santiago Diez de Bonilla in Mexico City, Feb 15:

"Hola Glenn, A partir de hoy, XEPPM Radio Educacion onda corta 6185 kHz esta
haciendo pruebas con su antiguo transmisor Elcom Bauer con capacidad de 5
kW. Al parecer su transmisor de 10 kW esta averiado. La escucho en estos
momentos con un SINPO de 5. Saludos, Julian Santiago, Enviado desde mi iPad"

Says starting today it's testing with old 5 kW transmitter. Apparently their
10 kW is out of order. But I find that it's no better here than it had been

I had not measured 6185 precisely lately, but a sesquimonth ago it was on
the plus side per Wolfgang Bueschel: "6185.011 kHz, upper side of the
channel now, R Educacion Mexico D.F. fluttery S=8-9 signal at 0311 UT on Dec
29, logs from Cape Canaveral Florida state"
Unless one or both transmitters vary more than this difference of 19 Hz,
that might be a way to differentiate them.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 16)

MEX+ - and at 05.39 UT on Febr 18 from Cape Canaveral Florida state
SDR unit:

6185.003 1/2 kHz S=9+15dB excellent propagation there tonight, never (*)
heard such an strong signal from Radio Educacion MEX on shortwave as tonight
Febr 18. ID by female announcer and played Symphonic mx orchestra at
05.39-05.42  UT on Febr 18.
(*) except on 9705 or 15385 kHz in 31/19 meterband in mid 70ties, (wb.)

And at 05.53 UT on Febr 18 from Zakynthos Island Greece SDR unit remotedly:

5959.876 KWT  much odd fq outlet of Radio Kuwait Kabd site in Arabic
language, S=9+25dB at 05.53 UT on Febr 18.

5829.987 USA  WTWW, fair S=7 signal, sermon?, noted at 06.00 UT in Greece

5999.996 CUB   seldom odd fq of Quivican TITAN Sa Felipe site, RHC English
S=9+10dB, at 06.04 UT, traced on SV8RV remote SDR unit in Zakynthos Greece.

6060.003 CUB  RHC Bauta, S=9+5dB at 06.05 UT in Greece.

6080.027 STP  VoA English, poor tiny signal strength, S=6-7. 06.07 UT.

6100even CUB  RHC Bauta, poor sidelobe of S=8 at 06.08 UT on Febr 18.

6155.001 AUT  ORS Moosbrunn with OE1 Vienna program, S=9+40dB powerhouse
noted in Zakynthos Greece at 06.10 UT.

MOLDOVA   11530even Kurdish Radio Voice of Welt (Radyo Denge Welat)
via Bcast centers in use are different during daytime, via TDF Issoudun
or Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac MDA.

11530even kHz, 300 kW 130degrees towards Kurdish nationals nations Turkey,
Syria, Iraq and Iran of 38 millions target,
this Febr 18th at 06.10-06.30 UT S=9+35 or -46dBm signal in
remote Doha Qatar SDR unit site on Febr 18,

and also two spurious signal bundles of S=8 strength again
5-main x 100 Hertz apart distance spurs seen too,
'wobbled' unstable frequencies_strings,
either side on approx. 11480 and 11580 kHz
11480.972 kHz  and  symetrically on 11579.026 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 18)