martedì 19 febbraio 2019

Electronic QSL available for Voice of Life broadcasts

Hello There from IRRS-Shortwave & NEXUS-IBA,

For the whole month of February 2019 we are running a special test broadcast on behalf of Voice of Life, each Monday evening from 19:00-20:00 UTC (20:00-21:00 CET) on 7290 kHz to Europe. The same program is also streamed Mon‐Fri: 6:15‐7:15 UTC, Sat‐Sun: 09:00‐10:00 UTC on All Gospel Radio (

This program carries quite interesting music and features on the lives of a group of persecuted Christians in China.

We will issue a special electronic QSL card for this broadcast, featuring our 1st QSL card printed by a local Italian artist in 1989. This card will be only available by return email.

We encourage you to listen also to our daily broadcasts on 7125 kHz from 19-20 UTC. Our electronic QSL card will also be available in exchange of all correct (verifiable) reception reports for our broadcasts on Shortwave and on streaming during the month of February.

Please check our web site for our schedules and more details:

Please send your reception reports to: reports (at) .

P.S. Please notice: our PO BOX address no. 10980 in Milan, Italy, is currently inactive.

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