giovedì 28 febbraio 2019

RFA Korean back on air

I thought the Korean service of RFA was supposed to be off the air. I am hearing it loud and clear on 9985 at 2100-2130 on three SDRs located in Japan. Judging by the strength of the signal, I have to wonder if the transmission isn't coming from NHK. The other frequencies of 7485 and 9860 are dead, not even a carrier.

They have frequent IDs and the program was a special broadcast of the Trump-Kim Summit Meeting in Vietnam. There is no doubt it is RFA (Bill Harms, Elkridge, Maryland, 2133 UT Feb 27, DX LISTENING DIGEST) So did it continue past 2130?

RFA Korean was one of those services dispensed with on SW when NMI Saipan & Tinian sites were destroyed. The schedule *was* per page 500 of WRTH 2019, which flagged all the SW frequencies as not operational due to typhoon, and to be moved to other sites: 

10-11 1566jej
15-17 9590s
15-19 1188seo 5885t 9985t
21-22 7485t 9860t 9985t

And nothing about this in the Updater.

Searching current Aoki has the same SW info all x-ed out for same reason:
10-11 1566
15-17 9590s
15-19 1188 9985t 5885t
21-22 9985t 7485t 9860t

EiBi has deleted all RFA Korean listings on SW but retains 1566 at 10-11 and 1188 at 15-17-19

IBB has not bothered to remove numerous TIN and SAI listings from the latest HFCC as of today, including the above which had been off the air since typhoon. In HFCC there is no distinxion between VOA and RFA.

There could well be more temporary RFA SW reactivations for the duration of the ``I love you`` summit.

VOA Korean is quite a different matter, which has continued mostly unscathed via Philippines or Thailand; the SW hours designed not to conflict with RFA, i.e. 12-15 & 19-21 on other frequencies (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)