domenica 10 febbraio 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel log feb 10

Some logs of remote SDR access in Delhi India 0200-0225 UT, and
Doha Qatar 0225-0240 UT on Febr 10.

9335even THA  VoA Udorn Thani in Burmese at 0200 UT, S=9+10dB in India.
9380.003 IND  AIR Aligarh in Hindi language, singer, S=8-9 at 0210 UT.
9455even KWT  RFA Tibetan language bcast via US IBB BBG VoA / RL / RFA
         bcast center Kuwait relay in al-Dschahra suburb.
         And channel covered by 10 kHz wideband CNR1 and WHITE NOISE
         jamming from mainland China at 0215 UT on Febr 10.
9530even CHN  CNR 11th program in Tibetan, from Baoji Sifangshan #724
         bcast center site. S=9+25dB at 0217 UT on Febr 10.
9580even CHN  PBS Xizang in Tibetan, singer group in progress, S=9+35dB
         via CTB Lhasa Baiding #702 site at 0219 UT.
         20 kHz audio wideband powerful signal.

9590even MMR  Thazin Radio from Pyin U Lwin in Burmese Vernacular
         program, S=9+10dB signal strength in Delhi India SDR.
         At 0220 UT on Febr 10.

         btw. Aoki Nagoya database show failure of tx site information,
         mentioned erroneous only the 5915 kHz single antenna site
         at MRTV Naypyidaw for all northern Myanmar entries now,
         20 10 51.01 N   96 08 41.04 E

         instead of Pyin U Lwin site,
         real location some 208 kilometers northwards,
         which belongs to Ministry of Defence, Psychological Warfare,
         actual called Thazin Radio
         for 6030, 6165, 7345!, 9460, and 9590 kHz, at
         22 00 59 N  96 32 55 E
see separation of both sites/organizations on page 291 in WRTH 2019.

Failure in AOKI Nagoya list appeared first in issue of Dec 15, 2018.

.... and Doha Qatar log at 0225-0240 UT on Febr 10:
9779.990 CHN  PBS Qinghai Xining, in Chinese at 0225 UT, S=7 or -85dBm
5970even AUT  AWR Urdu service via ORS Moosbrunn Austria relay site,
         300 kW powerful, S=9+40dB at 0200-0229 UT. 11 kHz wideband audio
5975even AUT  AWR Punjabi service via ORS Moosbrunn Austria relay site,
         300 kW powerful, 5 kHz upwards than Urdu 5970 kHz,
         S=9+40dB at 0230-0259 UT. 11 kHz wideband audio. 0232 UT.
6000.003 TUR  TRT Emirler in Turkish language to central and South Asia,
         S=9+35dB at 0234 UT.
6140.021 IND  AIR Aligarh, Urdu language service, 500 kW towards western
         India and Pakistan target. At 0240 UT on Febr 10. S=8-9 in
         skip zone.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 10)