venerdì 1 febbraio 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel log feb 1

CUBA   13780.003 kHz RHC Bejucal site. S=9+20dB in MA / NJ.
16 kHz wide audio signal at 1255 UT.
Nothings seen of spurious signals at 12.50 UT this Febr 1.

RHC Spanish sce talk on Uncle Sam's "Trump's coup d'etat in Venezuela
with political puppet of the opposite political class
against their national president and their national army.

Trump' - in order to fetch the economic oil reserves of this rich
Latin American country for the US super-rich class ...".

a typical coup has happened again, as in Chile or Nicaragua and
another central Latin American backyard of Uncle Sam in the past.

But noted another strange signal outside the 25 meterband on exact
12300 kHz even frequency.  S=9+15dB   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<!!!!!!!!!!

A really independent signal channel on exact frequency
like warm-up procedure for another purpose ?
No spurious signal at all.

? is that another parking CUBAN NUMBER STATION                 ?
? from Bejucal, which bcast the RHC Spanish instead at present ?
? at 1330-1340 UT time slot                                    ?

15140even  RHC Bauta Spanish, S=9+10dB in MA / NJ at 1316 UT.

15230even  Distorted audio.
Seemingly some high winds happened today ?
always NOISE PATTER contact disturbation,
I guess some feeder lines / or dipole curtain cable swing in the orcan ?
RHC Quivican TITAN San Felipe site.

11950even Strong signal from RHC Bata towards northwestern US
/ CA / WA / Alberta Canada azimuth,
noted at 1333 UT of RHC Spanish talk on Marti revolution,
S=9+35dB strength.

and now from 1400 UT also
13700even kHz RHC Bauta, 16 kHz wide signal at 1415 UT.

15700even  CRI English via Quivican TITAN San Felipe bcast center site, not
much strong in morning Alberta Canada, only S=8 at 1427 UT.
{both 15140 and 15230 are much stronger in comparisition, wb.}

ALBANIA   13665even kHz CRI Cerrik-ALB in English,
S=8-9 signal noted in MA/NJ-US states. 1245 UT Febr 1.
1100-1257 UT.
CRI Cerrik Albania site is one of the best technician organized
bcast centers worldwide these days.

GERMANY  15689.960 odd fq of RL/RFE Radio Farda IBB BBG Biblis relay site in
Farsi aginst Persian people. S=7 at 1326 UT on Febr 1.

SAUDI ARABIA   15379.989  BSKSA Riyadh Holy Quran program sce from Riyadh
at S=7-8 level at 1323 UT.

TURKEY   15270.008  VoTurkey in German via Emirler site.
S=8-9 in MA / NJ 1320 UT.

15350.026  VoTurkey in Turkish via Emirler site.
S=8-9 in MA / NJ 1322 UT.

> TURKEY. 12035.0+, Jan 31 at 1423 ...(gh)
12035.715 kHz measured at 1409 UT on Feb 1, S=9+15dB in MA / NJ remote unit

USA  13844.988 kHz WWCR Nashville English Mon-Fri scheduled,
at 1306 UT weak S=6 in MA / NJ US states.

Semi-clandestine US-security sce in Spanish, tricky as
IBB BBG Radio Marti
via Greenville SC US state broadcast center on odd frequency
11929.995 kHz at 1330 UT.

15770even  WRMI Okeechobee outlet at 1420 UT in Alberta Queensland Canada.
S=9+15dB proper signal, nice audio quality,
16 kHz wide signal in Alberta Canada visible.

also VoA via

VATICAN STATE  15620.006 kHz VoA Somali sce via Santa Maria di Galeria in
Eurpe towards Somalia in NoEaAF. S=8 at 1324 UT.

some others on 16 meterband:

17800even  DLW Bonn Hausa via TDF Issoudun, S=8 at 1312 UT.

17895.019  BSKSA Riyadh Arabic, S=8 at 1315 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

Nothings seen of spurious signals at 14.30 UT this Febr 1.

73 wolfie  df5sx