lunedì 23 aprile 2018

Stations heard in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra with XDATA D-808 and telescopic antenna

ANGOLA, 4950, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 1845-1906, 20-04, Portuguese, comments, African songs, id. Radio Nacional de Angola, news. 25322.

5950, Voice of Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, 1716-1730, 20-04, East African songs, Vernacular comments. 25322.

6030, Radio Oromiya, Addis Ababa, 1727-1736, 20-04, Vernacular comments. 24322.

6090, Voice of Amhara State, Addis Ababa, East African songs, Vernacular comments. 24332.

6110, Radio Fana, Addis Ababa, 1728-1740, 20-04, Vernacular comments. 24322.

ITALY/ROMANIA?/BULGARIA?, 7290, Italian Radio Relay Service, *1800-1830, 
20-04, tuning music, id. IRRS, Milano, Italy, English program. 24432. 
Despite being announced Radio City program, 1800-1900, third Friday of the month, Radio City did not go to air. I contacted whit the station about this, and here is the answer:
"Dear Manuel,
It sometimes happens IRRS finds other customers for the Friday evening slot. The 3rd Saturday on 9510 kHz is guaranteed and if there is no other customers repeats of old programmes may be repeated other Saturdays.Radio City was on the air yesterday on 9510 kHz as announced.
Best regards
Radio City - the Station of the Cars"

5010. AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, 1718-1725, 20-04, Hindi songs. 15321.

5040, AIR, Jaipore, 1730-1734, 20-04, English, comments. Very weak. 15321.

TANZANIA, 11735, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation, Dole, 1745-1810, 20-04, Vernacular comments, at 1800 id. and news in English, female. 25332.

TAJIKISTAN, 4765, Tajik Radio, Dushanbe, 1847-1905, 20-04, Tajik comments and songs. 25332.

Medium Wave Stations heard in Sanxenxo, Pontevedra, during daytime, 20 and 21-04

531 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 5, Pontevedra, Spain
630 kHz, Antena 1, Miranda do Douro, Portugal
639 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 1, A Coruña
720 kHz, Antena 1, Mirandela or Canidelo-Porto, Portugal
774 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 1, Orense, Spain
801 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 1, Lugo, Spain
855 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 1, Pontevedra, Spain
873 kHz, Radio Galicia, Cadena SER, Santiago de Compostela, Sapin
900 kHz, Cadena COPE, Vigo, Sapin
972 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 1, Monfore de Lemos, Lugo, Spain
1026 kHz, Radio Vigo, Cadena SER, Vigo, Spain
1116 kHz, Radio Pontevedra, Cadena Ser, Pontevedra, Spain
1305 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 5, Orense, Spain
1413 kHz, Radio Nacional de España, Radio 5, Vigo, Spain
1584 kHz, Radio Orense, Cadena SER, Orense, Spain

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in the Gran Talaso Sanxenxo Hotel balcony, Sanxenxo, Pontevedra, Spain, with my XHDATA D-808 and telescopic antenna. Good propagation conditions Friday evening, but bad conditions Saturday evening and more of the stations heard on Friday could no be heard on Saturday.