mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

Sentech cuts off non-paying clients

State-owned Sentech cut off around 40 non-paying clients some days ago. In an email, the signal distributor said the clients who owed more than R27 million were government departments, community radio and TV. Sentech’s manager for PR & media Nthabeleng Mokitimi said: “The services that are being suspended are broadcasting signal distribution, facilities rental and VSAT [Very Small Aperture Terminal] connectivity.” Asked if any clients had made last minute payments, Mokitimi said that from the time letters of final demand were sent out, over 30 customers had made payment or signed acknowledgement of debt agreements for restructuring of their payments. Consequently, their signals had not been cut off. She confirmed that if any of the clients that had been cut off paid up immediately, Sentech would provide them with a signal.