sabato 27 agosto 2016

Unique Radio time change on WINB

Welcome to Unique Radio 1647AM & 3210 SW Northwest NSW Australia

We are streaming online in digital stereo. 

Our primary coverage is Tamworth & Northwest NSW but can be listened to elsewhere.

Shortwave (3210KHz) from Halls Creek NSW broadcasts as per scheduled hours (See schedule).

The vertical antenna has now been tuned and should be emitting a better signal. Reports welcomed.

Please feel free to contact Aussie Tim today on our 'contact us' link, thankyou.

1647KHz Tamworth NSW is due to be put on air very soon. New online stream due soon.

Please Note : We are online in crystal clear digital at the links below.

All programs are repeated numerous times on our online streams. Happy listening!

Listen to us @ (64K MP3) or (64K MP3)(Click links for audio and then press 'listen'

International Shortwave

We will be broadcasting from WINB Red Lion Pennsylvania USA on 9265KHz

Aussie Tim's Brekky show

From Saturday August 27th we will be broadcasting from 1100-1200 Hours UTC or 7am EDT OR  6AM  CDT To North America and the Pacific. The change is due to poor propagation in the late evenings in North America. We will interested to know if anyone in New Zealand and Australia can receive these transmissions in their evenings (9PM Eastern Australian time). Reports welcomed.

It is also streamed at Unique Radio and WINB.

We would also like to ask listeners for some interaction including, how they started with shortwave listening, their location, their equipment, a reception report and even song requests (oldies).

We look forward to your participation. 


Aussie Tim (via DXLD)