martedì 13 marzo 2012

Glenn Hauser logs March 10-11, 2012

** CHINA. Firedrake March 11:
13680, very poor at 1321; none lower
15900, JBA at 1323
16100, JBA at 1323. No others 11-18 MHz

** CUBA. 13750, March 11 at 1403, RHC has decided to turn on 13750 for no particular reason, with 9850 missing, but // 13670, 13780, 9540, the 25m and 19m channels. The only explanation is that occasionally `Aló, Presidente` is active later Sunday mornings on 13750, but not this week either with El Hugazo recovering from DentroCuban surgery: 13750 is still on with RHC programming at 1546 along with the other channels, but nothing on the A,P-only ones, 17750, 15370, 13680 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, Sunday March 11 at 1304, AFN is on and audible, not with NPR Weekend edition as scheduled here:
for 5-7 AM Pacific Time Sundays [now 12-14 UT], but instead Charles Osgood with leisurely `CBS Sunday Morning` TV soundtrack, continuing at 1307 after commercial break replacement. (WTWW had already QSYed from 5755 to 9479 an hour earlier than during standard time.)

Tried to hear what was on the AFN Florida frequencies, 5446.5, 7811, 12133.5, but none of them audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY [non]. 15190, March 11 at 1406 there is a JBA signal talking, could be Brother Scare, and no sense trying to // with 9990, 9980 or 9385 since would not be synchronized anyway. By 1422 I can recognize the `croaker` on 15190, more so at 1455, cut off at 1458:30 for IRRS` ``Aida`` theme music, and 1500 ``IRRS signing *on*``, into Santec show in English as previously scheduled Sundays only.

DX Re Mix News, Bulgaria, on March 7 had reported this Overcomer broadcast, 13-15 UT daily, 300 kW, 100 degrees via Tiganeshti, ROMANIA, was canceled after March 6.

Maybe there was an hiatus, due to delayed contract renewal, late payment? But BS is back and/or still on IRRS, which had also completely removed him from their program schedule update as of March 6! And still missing from same checked March 11, altho it does now show Universal Life at 1500 Sundays, but without any SW frequency. Yet another instance of a station`s own web schedule being far from the ultimate authority compared to real monitoring (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PALAU. 9930, March 11 at 1314, WHR ID, and 1315 opening `Easy English Study`, which is really Bible study thinly disguised, YL right into text of Matthew 24 & 25 about Jesus returning, five wise and five foolish virgins; what has virginity to do with foolishness? Could not this parable just as effectively (?) have been about non-virgins or even males? O yeah, the Bible is sexist and proudly so (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 17795, March 11 at 1325, here`s REE news in Castilian on unscheduled frequency. 17595 is missing, so obviously a mis-punch. It`s Noblejas direct since it`s 5 seconds ahead of CR on 15170. 17795 fortunately conflicts with nothing and remains the SSOB from Europe; in fact nothing else but weaker Romania on 17530, weaker still on 17820. 17795 also during `Amigos de la Onda Corta` at 1345. 17795 still running at 1547 // much weaker 17755 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7465, UT Sunday March 11 at 0400, WHRI, ``DXing With Cumbre``. Marie apologizes for missing last week and the SWL Fest as her car was in an accident but she`s OK. Seems this was recorded before the fest, so more than a week old. On into Pirating with Cumbre segment with Chris Lobdell.

This is the *one* known instance when WHRI axually turns on its SW transmitter among the numerous times when DWC is scheduled. Just before DST imposition, but I think it will probably stay at 0400; unfortunately conflicting with WOR on 5755 WTWW which does have to make DST jumps, to 0400 UT Sundays. (And with Wavescan on 9955 WRMI).

See my updated DX/SWL/Media Programs schedule

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1607 monitoring: confirmed on WTWW 5755, UT Sunday March 11 at 0500, very good signal. From next week will be at 0400 due to DST, and the other airing at 2100 Thursdays on 9479. Remaining WRMI times as already shifted: Sunday 1730, Monday 0500, 1130, Thursday 0330. Also Sunday at 1530: tryiing to confirm it at 1546, can`t hear anything but a very weak and fluttery signal, as during this hour now conflicts with RFA Tibetan via TINIAN, and mandatory ChiCom jamming.

WORLD OF RADIO schedule, including webcasts, updated for DST:

** U S A. March 11 after 1300 UT, WTWW has made the timeswitch, i.e. keeping on Central, now CDT, instead of UT for frequency change times: at 1312, 12105 is on an hour earlier with Arabible, but poor signal.
At 1312, 9479 has already replaced 5755 with PPP an hour earlier.
At 1316, 9990 is already on with BS, maybe also up from 5085 at 1300

** U S A. WINB`s website still fails to show 9265 in the mornings, but Sunday programming starts at 6 am ET, which is now 1000 UT, when 13570 would be useless. By 1313 March 11, however, heard on 13570, so maybe it changes at 1300? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15435-, March 10 at 1457, just before RVA via VATICAN goes off, there is that het again from a weak carrier on the low side. Once stronger BSKSA cuts on at *1500:05, it makes a B-flat het, 466 Hz, or 15434.534 approx. kHz. I am beginning to wonder if this carrier is of nearby origin, and will have to search for it at other dayparts, as it`s easily overlooked without anything to het it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)