giovedì 17 novembre 2011

First tests of ex-Hörby transmitter from Madagascar

The first of the 250 kW ABB transmitters from the former Swedish shortwave station at Hörby installed at our Madagascar relay station is almost ready for testing. The tests are scheduled for next week, 21-25 November, beamed towards Europe, but there may be some tests already on Saturday 19 November:

0700-1000 UTC on 21480 kHz (modulation: RNW Dutch)
1400-1557 UTC on 21480 kHz (modulation: RNW English)

Reception reports are welcome via, especially from Africa. We expect that the signal will not be that strong in Europe. We are more interested in the audio quality.

Full technical details in the RNW schedule on the HFCC website.

(Source: RNW Programme Distribution)