giovedì 17 novembre 2011

All India Radio's DRM transmission time increases

 All India Radio (AIR) has increased its DRM SW transmission by 8.25 hours to a total of approximately 16 hours a day. AIR first started digital radio transmissions from Delhi on shortwave using DRM Technology on 16 January, 2009 with a target coverage area of the UK and West Europe. Its Vividh Bharati service on DRM (in NVIS mode) has an approx coverage area of 800 Kms. With the increase in transmission time, more language services have now been added to the External services transmission.

AIR's DRM transmission time increases

Details of the transmissions and frequencies are as follows:

0130-0230 UTC on 11715 kHz Nepali (Nepal)
0315-0415 UTC on 15185 kHz Hindi, (E.Africa, Mauritius)
0415-0430 UTC on 15185 kHz Gujarati, (E.Africa, Mauritius)
0430-0530 UTC on 15185 kHz Hindi(E.Africa, Mauritius)
1300-1500 UTC on 15050 kHz Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
1615-1715 UTC on 15140 kHz Russian (E. Europe)
2245-0045 UTC on 11645 GOS-I English (NE Asia)

Above transmissions are in addition to following existing DRM txn's:
0900-1200 on 6100 Vividh Bharati, DRM NVIS
1745-1945 UTC on 9950 English W. Europe)
1945-2045 UTC on 9950 Hindi (W. Europe)
2045-2230 UTC on 9950 English (W. Europe)

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