domenica 23 ottobre 2011

New Feature - Chinese Radio in 1937

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
October 22 2011


Chinese Local Radio in the 1930's

The Radio Heritage Foundation releases a new feature 'Chinese Radio in 1937' at which offers a fascinating insight into early radio broadcasting in China.

Advertising sponsored shows, story telling, radio plays, news, modern Chinese music and Chinese jazz were all part of the popular programs heard from some 89 stations across China in 1937.

This contemporary review of Chinese radio appeared just 15 years after the first stations, all American owned and operated, appeared on the dials, and a decade after the first Chinese owned station began operations in Shanghai.

"Scores of little stations, with power ranging from 100 to 500 watts regularly broadcast programs which boast a popularity easily comparable with that of the top-notch network performances in America" wrote author Robert H Berkov at the time.

The review [originally in Modern Mechanix magazine] includes rare photos of popular amateur singers at XHHS in Shanghai and some of the facilities for powerful XGOA in Nanking.

It follows the earlier release of 'Shanghai Radio Dial 1941' which details all stations in the city at that time, and together, the two features serve to introduce 1930's Chinese radio to a wider audience.

One thing is certain, Chinese listeners by the hundreds of millions have been entertained and informed by their own local radio stations for almost 90 years, and radio remains incredibly popular.

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