martedì 31 maggio 2011

Glenn Hauser logs May 29-30, 2011

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36, May 30 at 1252 tune-in, S7 to S9+5 signal but just barely modulated. 1300 can tell there is some talk; 1302 music is barely modulated, a slight improvement. 1326 XYL talk still at S7-S9+5 level, bit of music, Enya? 1339 tho signal is weaker at S6-S9, vocal music is louder than before. But next check 1353 it`s gone, while 15480 UK is still there. Nothing further heard during following hour. Hypothesis: LRA36 modulator tube is on the edge, and they were coddling it with deliberate undermodulation, edging it up bit by bit until it blew off. What next? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. 17855, May 30 at 0508, CNR1 echo-jamming is atop R. Free Asia in Mandarin, and also barely audible // on 21580. Usually RFA is alone here from the NMI sites.

15350, May 30 at 1516-1530* good signal with W&M conversing, lively produxion typical of CNR1, off at 1530 sharp after one pip. No trace of any jammee, but Aoki confirms it is a CNR1 jammer at 1500-1530 only without listing either any target.

Gospel for Asia via Wertachtal to S Asia is on 15350 until 1500. RVA via VATICAN in Filipino to ME had been on 15350 at 1500, but on May 15 moved to 15280 (unchecked today), probably because of CNR1, but jamming what? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake May 30:
16100, very poor at 1255
15900, very poor at 1250; not at 1325
15545, fair at 1254
15525, poor at 1342 ex-15545 with het from 15527, V. of Tibet hoparound
15430, fair-good at 1342
14900, very good at 1250; off at 1325; good-VG at 1346
12600, good to very good at 1347; none lower before or after 1300

** GERMANY [non]. 17650, May 30 at 1351, good signal in Pashto(?), interviews in a noisy venue; 1359 DW Dari service addresses, cut off before finished at 1359:30*, but a few sex later, a *much* weaker signal continues with mention of Afghanistan, Kabul, DW riff. Before that, this had rivaled the 17595 Spain signal.

HFCC shows DW going from Persian [Dari] to Pushto [Pashtu] at 1400, both 500 kW via Rampisham UK, the only change being a three-degree azimuth shift from 92 to 95 degrees! Obviously a much greater change was made. Before 1359.5 the signal was so good, it may have been on the wrong antenna aimed USward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, May 30 at 1323 all I can detect from VOI is a JBA carrier on characteristic off-frequency. Same on May 29 and May 28, and before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 17725, May 30 at 1513 all I can get is an S3-S5 carrier but no modulation from V. of Africa, which has been typical lately for the nominal 14-16 English as well as Swahili before 14 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Tipped by 6m Es map showing activity between here and S California/NW Mexico, May 29 at 1800 I turn on analog TV and do find signal on channel 3 from the WSW, but it was time for lunch and when I got back at 1820, it was gone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15435, May 30 at 1455, buzzless BSKSA in Arabic already on ahead of nominal *1500, good signal. They no longer have to worry about overlapping with RVA via Vatican in Urdu, (if they ever did), since that moved mid-May to 15260 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 15385, checking for the weekly Emisión Sefarad from REE, scheduled for Mondays 1425-1455 to the ME: May 30 nothing there until *1424:55 carrier on, and no modulation until JIP at 1432:30! Mostly talk in Ladino, a bit of nice music at 1444, and off at 1455*. What a shame when you are on only once a week the techs mess up like this.

This just in from DXLD correspondent Marty Delfín in Madrid, who works for a major newspaper:

``Hi Glenn, I just participated in a new program on Radio Exterior de España in English with Justin Coe called "Press Talk"; it is a new feature about the week's news events in Spain. It will be a regular program on Mondays but I will be on every so often as an invited panelist. The first program goes out tonight Monday. Did you know that Deanelle Baker retired two weeks ago after 49 years at REE? I just found out today. She was the longest serving employee in the entire Radio Nacional complex.``

WRTH shows REE English:
0000-0100 daily   NAm 6055nob
1900-2000 mtwtf.. Af 11610nob
1900-2000 mtwtf.. Eu  9665nob
2100-2200 Eu  9650nob

** SUDAN [and non]. 13620, May 30 at 0512, R. Dabanga via MADAGASCAR, again with tone-jammer audible weakly under; probably was still there yesterday, just not propagating. At 0513, 13730 with a very poor signal seems // 13620 but not synchronized, and no jamming audible, so has RD not really moved to 15550 via UAE as registered? Nothing audible there but 13730 was not usually audible either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Re my previous report about WYFR and `Open Forum` weblink:
Belatedly checking FCC TV Query, we find there really is a KFTL-CD (not -TV) in San Francisco: ``KFTL-CD 28 DC LIC SAN FRANCISCO CA US BLDTA-20100419ACP - 52887 15. kW 0.m POLAR BROADCASTING, INC.`` which means it has very limited on-air coverage; is Polar a front for Family? (Glenn Hauser, May 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15180, WHRI special for Indy 500, May 29 was underway at 1622, matching live ABC-TV coverage more or less, the latter with video. 1941 a string of WHRI promos, 1944 post-race review, said would end at 4:00 = 2000 UT. John H. Carver, Jr. says the race is blacked out from live TV in Indiana; so maybe this SW radio serves a purpose. Is it also blacked out on Indiana radio? I find the whole thing grossly macabre, cheering fans waiting for somebody to crash, maybe even into the stadium. If not, they all end up where they started, instead of 500 miles away from an Indiana run by a reaxionary governor (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15795, new frequency from WWRB still absent May 30 at 1344 and later, while 15825 WWCR was quite audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15400, following tips from Tomás Méndez in Spain, Jari Savolainen in Finland, Mark Davies in Wales, Roger in Germany, on the dxldyg, about music playing here co-channel to BBC Ascension, May 29 at 1827 I too hear Greekish music atop BBC but not // ERA 15630. 1859 still going, making slow SAH with BBC, pause at 1859:25 but segué to next piece, no ID or any announcements ever heard from this. Slow romantic vocal music, nice for napping. BBC only audible during pauses, but by 1932 BBC is gaining, and at 1955 is atop tho only with a poor signal itself. 2000 `Newshour` is more or less readable with the music underneath. Roger thinks the music is not Greek but Balkan.

Please check for this again May 30! One theory of mine: HCJB Australia testing new antenna/transmitter site it has been working on; 15400 is a frequency they use a lot elsewhen. Precision frequency measurement or direxional antenna might provide a clue if still no announcements (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###