mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

New on RNZI - LPFM School Radio

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

RNZI Airs New Radio Heritage
Low Power FM School Radio

Join us from Monday, October 18 2010 as we bring you the voices of New Zealand school children who now run their own two FM radio stations in our new radio heritage documentary broadcast on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

You'll hear some of the hundreds of kids who act as DJ's, choose the music, record the station ID announcements, interview guests and produce their own stories....all at school based FM stations which have become part of the local community.

You can listen directly via shortwave or audio on demand [for the following month] with full details of current broadcast frequencies and times possible for your area as well as audio downloads at

Splat FM from Whangaparaoa Primary School north of Auckland and Maranui FM at Lyall Bay Primary School in Wellington both rely on 6-10 year old children to staff and operate their very popular radio stations.

You'll hear station announcements, promotions, listener calls, a school song and even the winner of the first 'Whanga Idol' music competition with a powerful version of a current pop hit.....

The program also compares early school broadcasts from 1940 when adults did all the talking and the children the listening with today's school radio, where the kids have control of the microphones.

In 1928, radio sessions for children were dominated by requests for birthday calls, stories, songs and poems. You'll find out what today's kids like to hear by listening to the program!

We are delighted to showcase the professionalism and talent of the kids from Splat FM and Maranui FM, and can safely say that the future of radio in New Zealand is in wonderful hands.

In fact, we're downright proud of what these kids are doing and learning, and hope many other schools in New Zealand and elsewhere around the Pacific will be able to do the same.

Join us from Monday, October 18 2010 as we introduce our guest radio stars from school radio stations Splat FM and Maranui FM on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

Listen direct via shortwave in your area or online streaming from where you can also download the program as audio on demand for the following month.

You can find out more about LPFM radio in New Zealand at our website where our NZLPFM Radio Guide has a searchable list of some 1500 LPFM stations and stories about local LPFM stations.

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