sabato 11 settembre 2010

Aggiornamento cancellazione Radio Sant'Helena Day 2010

We at Radio St. Helena are also VERY SAD to have to announce the cancellation of RSD 2010.  The problems with the tower holding the 3-element Yagi antenna are such that we simply had no choice. There is no chance to fix the tower in the next six weeks, but RSH is quite confident that we will be able to broadcast a RSD 2011 program next year. At the moment, I am investigating the possibility of setting up a wire antenna as a temporary measure, but I am not at all sure whether we will be able to do that. The technical resources on the VERY REMOTE island of St. Helena are not so good. If anything needs to be ordered from England, then it takes a lot of time and effort. (Robert Kipp via Yimber Gaviria via playdx2003 ml)