domenica 5 settembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs September 5, 2010

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 5:
 8400, very good at 1235
 9380, good at 1236; WWRB/9385 not on yet
10500, fair at 1242. No others heard up to 18 MHz

** CHINA [non]. 15220, CRI Mandarin via Sackville at 14-16 provides a VG signal on 272 degree azimuth, and this transmission is good for a lot of Chinese music, in case you would like something other than Firedrake. Sept 5 at 1435 was playing traditional music including vocals, perhaps to be called opera, not necessarily Pekinese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. RHC, Sept 5 at 1412 on 13750, same VG signal as on // synchronized 13780 --- so 13750 is the transmitter normally on 13680, which was missing. 13750 is nominally used only on Sundays for Aló Presidente from circa 1530 (not 1400 as displayed on schedules), but El Hugazo has suspended his show until October in order not to compete with a women`s baseball championship! Thus RHC really does not need to mess around with its own schedule on Sundays.

I was also hearing distorted spurs circa 13813 and 13720, which don`t work out to be leapfrogs; the VG signal from the CRI English relay was also on, 13740, producing an overload of RadioCuba signals in this area. At 1415, RHC 13680 had also come on the air with a much weaker signal, and not synchronized with the others, so today it`s from the other site; and at 1437 had heavy CCI, SAH of about 5 Hz from R. Liberty, Russian via Rampisham (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. On Aug 17, I received a cc of a reply from R. Verdad`s Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid to a message from Ralph (Wayne) Borthwick, apparently an American engineer who likes to help out religious stations, offering to assist getting them back on SW, and was inquiring about various technical matters. Borthwick analyzed various aspects of the antenna system and transmitter and made recommendations for improvement.

Borthwick was willing to donate his time to come and fix the transmitter, upgrade the antenna, but would need travel and accommodation costs covered. Lodging would be no problem, Madrid said, and he would try to get funding for travel expenses.

I mentioned this briefly on WORLD OF RADIO, but no further info about this has yet been received.

Borthwick also said something about Wayne Berger at R. Cultural having the Omni transmitter operating, at 600 watts, but there were still problems with it, and R. Cultural was busy celebrating its own sixtieth anniversary.

Apparently this refers to the R. Verdad transmitter which Berger has been trying to fix, consulting with Borthwick. I don`t know whether it could axually have been heard testing on 4052.5, but probably not if it was really in Guatemala City without a proper antenna (Glenn Hauser, Sept 5, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI Sept 5 at 1238 during Japanese hour playing songs, but still with annoying audio dropouts every few sex as also noted during English the last few mornings and later today. Still on the air well after 1400 with presumed Indonesian, heavy het from CRI Russian on 9525.0 (Glenn Hauser, oK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Allan Weiner has become aware of WINB encroaching with adjacent interference from 9335 to WBCQ`s 9330-CUSB with Good Friends Radio Network all day, and says he is working with WINB to resolve it. As we first reported, WINB finally got rid of Tony Alamo in July and replaced his hours with Brother Scare. (Tho WINB online schedule still shows Alamo, of course.)

But BS wanted to be on 9 MHz instead of 13570. But WINB`s 9 MHz channel, 9265, is registered for WMLK during the daytime except Saturdays, when EJOM piously went off the air for Sabbath. But WMLK has not really been on the air at all for years and is unlikely to return. Nevertheless, WINB was obliged to find another frequency than 9265 for BS M-F at 15-16 and 18-20 UT.

This turned out to be 9335, despite adjacency to WBCQ, and co-channel North Korea until 1750, plus VOA/Radio Ashna, Kuwait until 1830 (and perhaps another two hours via Thailand)! How in the world could WINB`s frequency manager have come up with this, and the FCC OK`d it?

On Saturdays only, WINB keeps BS`s own extended Sabbath broadcasts on 9265 instead, since WMLK is not pretending to use it.

Believe it or not, The incompetent Overcomer Ministry SW schedule at
still shows these three weekday hours as being on BOTH 9330 and 9355, both of which are WRONG. It has always been on 9335, but it remains to be seen as of Monday Sept 6, whether Allan will have persuaded them to go somewhere else, like 9265! As of Sept 5 past 1500 and 1547 chex, WINB remained on 13570 with other Sunday gospel huxters who do not require 9 MHz band transmissions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###