domenica 11 luglio 2010

La nuova ALA1530

There is a new antenna in the Wellbrook catalogue: a re-designed ALA1530 !

I could test it and compare it to the "old" version of the ALA1530.
It's very impressive indeed. It has more gain on LW-MW (approx. 10dB and 4dB respectively) and the real improvement is above 9MHz (5dB gain). I'm just hearing RFI at the moment (1930) on 15300KHz. The signal is clear and comfortable with the new version whereas the old one brings out 50% hiss ! Incredible !
Fine antenna indeed !
The new ALA1530L is its sister. It has less gain on LW-MW than the new ALA1530 and the same gain above 9MHz. It should be a good compromise for receiving stations which MW transmitters are close by.
I didn"t test it.
Dominique KREMP
Normandy, France
-IC-R75 + 250Hz CW filters
-AOR7030 Plus + 300Hz CW filter
-Wellbrook antennas
(via Luca Botto Fiora)