martedì 20 luglio 2010

Glenn Hauser logs July 19-20, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, still no trace of a carrier from LRA36, July 20 at 1309 and a couple of later chex (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 12174, July 20 at 0523, David Miranda, the wacky wailing preacher of SRDA, poor signal vs CODAR, unstable carrier with its own rumble, presumably the 11805 R. Globo transmitter totally out of whack. However, inband 25m Brazilians were not audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake July 20, all //:
 8400, JBA at 1258
10500, good at 1336. At this point in every hour there is a relatively quiet, slow melodic passage, with drums beginning to come back at :37
15140, poor at 1255, no others up to 16 MHz before 1300; vs SOH 100 W
15520, fair with het at 1336, very poor at 1355; vs V of Tibet via Tajikistan
15670, poor at 1337, very poor at 1354; vs RFA in Tibetan via UAE

** CUBA. 12030, July 19 at 2024, RHC in Portuguese an echo apart from // 15370 which is supposed to be the only frequency. Ditto Arabic after 2030. No spurs audible from 12030, but weak.

11760, unlike the day before, on the air in English and with adequate modulation, July 19 at 2032 with report on the Esperanto Congress. At 2105 off the air when supposed to be in French.

11730, not noticed earlier in the hour, but July 19 at 2039, RHC Spanish is about 10 dB stronger than English on 11760 --- but just barely modulated. 11730 is normally a much weaker signal. So they switched around transmitters and/or antennas, but what`s the point without decent modulation?? 11730 still JBM at 2105 in Spanish.

11760 was previously used for English past 0500, but seldom heard lately, or in Spanish. However, July 20 at 0518, there it is, RHC VG in English; 25m is hot tonight. Is this on the schedules at
? of course not!

At 0529 I check 49m to see what configuration of English and Spanish is in effect tonight. 5970, 6060 and 6150 are in English, Ed plugging ``Real Audio`` even tho it isn`t that format. 6010 is still missing, maybe that transmitter is now on 11760? Or 9525, as at 0531 it`s still running in Spanish with heavy hum // 6120, 6110 and 5040.

6120 and 6110? An echo apart. 6110 is supposed to switch to 6150 at 0500, whatever the language, in order to avoid colliding with NHK via Sackville, English at 0500-0530 only. Wish I had tuned in before 0530 to confirm such a clash.

12030, at 1245 July 20, interview about Esperanto, the subject carefully speaking the artificial language, responding to comments in Spanish. Now 12030 has the 12000 and 12060 spurs with buzz in between, but weakly (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI with VG signal and modulation this Tuesday July 20, only lite hum and rare audio dropouts, for another Exotic Indonesia joint produxion with RRI Banjarmasin, Kalimantan. Co-hosts two YLs, one in Jak and one in Banj, who chatted for about a minute between pre-produced segments. The one in Banj (I think) has a bit of reverb on her.

1303 news, still alternating items from Jak and Banj. 1310 the non-Mahendra guy from Banj has a talk about public worx in Kalimantan, marred by background speech apparently recorded on location. Next a talk about lowering the cost of the hajj by 26 US dollars.

1319 editorial about Timor Leste, something about seekers. Only at the very end of it did I figure out the word before seekers was asylum, since they were pronouncing it ASS-uh-lum. The main obstacle to readability is now the very heavy accents of most of the announcers, but E for effort anyway in trying to speak English.

1327 Focus about the president holding a meeting with economists on increasing prices of some staples. 1330 the W&W chat about prices going up for cooking oil. 1331 culture show about Banjarmasin incantations. 1344 after another W&W chat, introducing a YL jazz singer from Jakarta, a hit since 1990, who also performs in Japanese, and of course I can`t comprehend her name; music for rest of hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Missed checking the last week or two, but finally on July 20, REE`s Emisión Sefarad to South America is confirmed on the air.

Tuned in 11795 at 0113 but nothing, so I try 11780, previously announced frequency for this and as usual it is totally blocked by very strong RNA Brasil with loud music. Lucked into pause for announcement at 0114, giving 22:14 timechex, and even then no trace of anything under.

At 0115 back to 11795, and now there is a VG open carrier, even stronger than REE Spanish to SAm on 11680. 0117 finally joins audio in progress, YL opening the show with summary of upcoming topix. Audio is breaking up and with crosstalk from some music (crossmusic?). Address sefarad @ Then into first item, interview; 0125 the subject starts singing, but the audio is still crackly, and lots of selective fading distortion.

You have to listen carefully to distinguish Ladino from Castilian, e.g. pronouncing zero with a z like in English. Suspect the guest was really speaking Castilian. 0143:30 into sign-off giving usual schedule, Mon 1425 on 15385, Tue 0115 11795, 0415 9650; fanfare and off at 0145*.

11680 is 250 kW, 230 degrees from Noblejas, while 11795 is 250 kW, 248 degrees. That 18-degree difference seems to make for a noticeably stronger signal here. The 11795 transmission has been missing for months despite weekly announcements including it. Apparently my frequent reports of its absence finally reached the powers that be, to get it going again, otherwise who cares in the middle of the Spanish night? Maybe next week they`ll get started on time and with unmarred modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15825, WWCR missing, not even a carrier, July 19 at 2028 a semi-hour before usual QSY time. Inbooming on 13845, 12160, so I think WWCR-1 was really off the air (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. Re my previous report of Dan Patrick Show on 1580 under open carrier KOKB, from ESPN, Greg Hardison says that show has switched to Fox Sports, syndication. So back to the 2009 NRC AM Log to see what are the FSN stations on 1580: nothing but KOKB itself but info is at least a year old. If KOKB, it would have had to be just barely modulating instead of overmodulating. But, I may have, should have, checked sister station KOKP 1020 Perry for // and it was not (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###