mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

New RNZI Documentary - Contemporary Island Radio Pacific Style

RNZI Airs New Radio Heritage Documentary
Contemporary Island Radio Pacific Style
Honiara and Vila

Join us from Monday February 22 2010 when we air our new radio heritage documentary about contemporary island style radio on the current Radio New Zealand International [RNZI] Mailbox program.

Co-inciding with tests from the new shortwave transmitters of Radio Vanuatu this week, the program explores todays radio dials in both Vila and Honiara and introduces listeners to a number of Pacific FM stations they may never have before heard.

You can listen directly via shortwave or audio on demand [for the following month] with full details of broadcast frequencies and times in your area and audio download at

The program traces radio heritage in Vila back to a 1930's station operated by a French plantation owner and which relayed French Colonial radio from Paris as well as local commodity prices and announcements.

In the 1960's Radio Port Vila was testing on shortwave with 1kw, very similar to this weeks tests using 1.5kW so there's progress for you.

Audio in the program comes from VTBC or Radio Vanuatu, as well as the most popular station in the nation, Capital FM 107 from Vila.

US Armed Forces broadcasters WVUQ Radio City, Guadalcanal and WVTJ Munda on New Georgia followed a late 1920's church mission broadcaster also from Munda.

In the 1950's, SIBC was operating on shortwave as VQO3 with 5kW andthe new transmitters planned for Honiara this year will have 10kW, soagain, some progress is being made.

The audio in our new documentary comes from SIBC recorded in Honiara,and also from local commercial station Paoa FM, again the mostpopular station in the nation.

These are fragile broadcasting markets, with only a handful of local stations competing on FM with Radio Australia and China Radio International relays and several religious stations.

Join David Ricquish of the Radio Heritage Foundation for this audio and heritage tour deep into the South Pacific, and taking in contemporary Island Radio Pacific Style from the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

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Use our free Pacific Asian Log Radio Guides for AM, FM and SW broadcasters from around the entire region, easy to search and easy to use.

RNZI's Mailbox program from Monday February 22 2010 via shortwave and audio on demand with full times and schedules at now.