martedì 23 febbraio 2010

CVC Special DRM Txn 22-24 Feb

23 Feb 10, 1215 UTC, 17590kHz, CVC DRM 
ID: CVC Test India; SNR: very poor at 8.5dB; DRM Mode C at 9.18kbps, mono.
No audio recovered, signal just not strong enough for demodulation but solid ID obtained using PC 'Dream' software and unmodified Racal RA1792 (16kHz B/W filter with -6kHz BFO offset in CW mode) with the ALA1530. I will try earlier tomorrow in the hope that propagation is more favourable. I am certain that if this was an analogue signal, I would have had no problems listening to it as it was a decent strength, but obviously not clear enough for digital - such is the price of 'progression'.
Sean Gilbert, International Editor - WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook)
RX : Icom IC756PRO; Racal RA1792 
ANT : 15.5m Inverted Vee @ 10m; ALA1530 @ 3m
-------Original Message-------
Date: 02/18/10 17:28:55
Subject: [Cumbre DX] CVC Special DRM Txn 22-24 Feb
CVC Special DRM Transmission to India for RadioAsia conference in New Delhi
from Juelich, Germany.
Date : 22-24 Feb 2010
Language : Hindi
Frequency : 17590 kHz
Time : 0830 -1230 UTC
Reception Reports appreciated.