domenica 20 settembre 2009

Richard Bianchino Logs September 18, 2009

Friday 18.09.09

11865 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Portugal) at 2007 English, YL hosting "Newslink." P signal w/ much QRN.

11795 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY at 2017 English, "Newslink" Prgm. P signal w/ much QRN.

11940 R. ROMANIA INT at 2030 English, YL with Nx and commentary. G signal w/ QRN.

9715 R. PORTUGAL INT at 2300 Portuguese, YL and OM Ancrs with Nx - "Internacional Notícias" - and music. VG signal.

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA, Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor