lunedì 28 settembre 2009

Richard Bianchino Logs Sep 26-27, 2009

Weekend DXing

Saturday 26.09.09

15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 0240 English, YL with rock music fm the 70's. Hrd 1971's "Mr. Blue Skies" by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). VG signal w/ some fade.
9650 KBS WORLD RADIO (S KOREA) at 1213 English, OM with "Seoul Report." P-F signal w/ QRN.

Sunday 27.09.09

9695 R. JAPAN at 1235 Thai, OM ancr. F signal w/ QRN.
9580 R. AUSTRALIA at 1242 English, OM ancr. "Sunday Night" prgm. Topic was population control and world resources. G signal. On 9590, G signal w/ QRN.
6170 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 1335 English, OM ancr with music programming. G signal.
7325 R. CANADA INT at 1343 Chinese, OM ancr. Hrd music. VG signal.
11705 R. JAPAN at 1404 English, YL reporting the Nx. G signal.
15560 R. AUSTRALIA at 2228 English, OM and YL spkn about Iran. P signal w/ QRN. Reception on 15240 was P-F w/ QRN.
12040 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 2235 German, OM and YL ancrs. G signal.
15320 KSDA-AWR (G UAM) at 2245 English, OM ancr giving sta frequencies. P signal w/ QRN and weak audio.
9700 R. BULGARIA at 2314 English, YL ancr speaking about the EU and Turkey. P signal w/ QRN.
11700 R. BULGARIA at 2321 English, YL ancr reporting Nx. G signal.
9665 V. OF RUSSIA at 2325 English, OM playing classical music. F-G signal.
15720 R. NEW ZEALAND INT at 2331 English, OM with the Wx. P-F signal w/ QRN and fade.
9840 V. OF VIETNAM at 2338  English, YL reporting Nx. P-F signal w/ QRN.

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA. Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.

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