domenica 8 febbraio 2009

QSL da Radio Armada

Ecco la QSL elettronica che ho ricevuto ieri sera dopo aver acoltato in onde medie i programmi di Radio Armada, emittente pirata in onde medie olandese. Molto interessante la storia dell'operatore che e' stato "pizzicato" piu' volte ma continua  a trasmettere i suoi programmi pirati
73 And IW0HK

Radio Armada                                

For Andrea  
Date 07-02-2009  
Time 22.00 UTC
Freq. 1691 kHz
SINPO ?????  

Date  07-01-2009 

Dear friend  ANDREA   BORGINO

Thank you for your reception-report,

(sms ) received on the date: 07-02-2009       

I shall introduce myself to you. I was born on 27-8-1946. I am married in 1974 and we have two sons. I live 3 km outside the village Lemelerveld. This is in the east of Holland, about 25 km at the eastside of Zwolle. Earlier Lemelerveld was a 'suger-beetvillage'. There was a sugarfactory. There live about 4500 people in Lemelerveld. Here is a little industrial. The most people work over distant. 

Your browser may not support display of this image.I began as a radio-amateur in 1966  on the Medium Wave. The Dutch Radio Control Service caught me in 1969. After that I continued with it. In 1977  I began also with international programs. In the eighty's I was transmitting on 41-48 m. Maybe in the future I will transmit on 41-48 m again. In 1995 the Dutch Radio Control Service (HDTP) caught me for the second time, when (they said) I had disturbed the Danish Coast Guards. 

Now I transmit with a three stage transmitter, DDS /PLL or crystal controlled. It works on the frequency's 1398-1790 kHz. The total power adjustable from 380   to  420   Watt. I have built it on my own.

The antenna, also build on my own, is about 22 m high. It is a vertical antenna with 'top charge'. The antenna is adjusted at 1/2 wavelength (90m). 

Nu Interved     2 x  ¼ golf   22  m  high 

The music in my programs are from the sixty's. The programs are always live. 

My hobby's are watching soccer (I'm a fan of PSV), Formula 1, motor sport, old cars (antique cars), listening to MW, SW, LW and FM, watching satellite-TV (analog/digital, I have got a revolving satellite dish).

Your sincerely,

For sms  tell.   no        0650483868

Radio Armada ;; Jan Willem 

8151 AX Lemelerveld
The Netherlands

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK