lunedì 9 febbraio 2009

Decision on ZLXA 3935 kHz

The Board of the NZ Radio for the Print Disabled considered all the facts presented but came to the decision to cease broadcasting as ZLXA on 3935 kHz forthwith.  The main reason for this decision is the state of the valves on the transmitter.  We would need to renew the four valves (4/400c) at a cost of approximately $3000 also the cost of power at $400 per month and an annual licence of $700 combined makes this broadcasting service completely unfeasible.

We are at this point in time trying to raise finance to replace the MW transmitter which suffered damage during last year's storm.

The Board, though, has agreed to broadcast on 3935 kHz over a weekend from 5.00pm Friday 20th March through to Monday morning 23rd March 2009, (0400 20/3 - 1900 22/3 UTC), depending on the transmitter functioning for that period.

This is the best that we can do to enable the many international DXers to receive our transmission for one last time.

As you will appreciate, for an organisation reliant on grants and donations to continue serving our listening community, the shortwave component is no longer viable.  Therefore, RRS will maintain local broadcasts on 1602 kHz  (2XA) and 107.3 MHz FM only.