mercoledì 13 settembre 2017

Pacific Asian Log Update

I updated the Pacific Asian Log a few days ago.  It's now posted on the Radioheritage website:   You'll need to go through a couple of the site's internal links to get to the proper page, but you'll be able to either download the PDF version or use the interactive version.  If you have problems finding it, let me know.  I can also send a copy directly. 

Changes since last update in May include major updates to the Australia, China, and Philippines listings, as well as changes for other countries.  Corrections and updates from users are always welcome and can be sent to or   I'm planning to issue the next update in November.  

First issued in 2001, The PAL lists medium wave and domestic shortwave broadcasting stations in southern and eastern Asia and the Pacific.   It lists about 5000 stations in over 50 countries, with frequencies, call signs, locations, power, networks, schedules, languages, formats, networks and other information.