venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Wachenbrunn and Reichenbach transmitters demolished

The Kvadrat antenna at Wachenbrunn, used until 31 Dec 2012 on 1323 kHz, has today (19 Sep 2013) been blown up at 14:55 local time. Photo gallery:

And it just emerged that the Reichenbach mediumwave facility, which by mistake (silence detection put the satellite signal on air) was the last one in Saxonia that carried regular programming at all, has been demolished already on 22 July. Photos:

Also historical ones, including the original 5 kW transmitter, moved in 1946 to Golm for the newly founded Landessender Potsdam. And further down, labelled "Stark´sche Sender", the 3 kW equipment delivered in the fifties by a company called Stark. It is pretty likely that this transmitter remained in use until 1998.

Gossip has it that the removal of the mediumwave equipment started last week at Wiederau, too. And soon to be demolished as well is the 1539 kHz facility at Mainflingen.

(Kai Ludwig via dxld ml)