mercoledì 11 agosto 2010

Radio Six International

Saturday, 14th August will mark 43 years since the offshore radio stations dotted around the British coastline were declared illegal. These ships, along with others around the world, contributed disproportionately to the development of radio. On 14th August, radio six international remembers the radio ships with a day of special programming. Details will be released later this month, but the day will include many wonderful surprises, rare studio recordings, documentaries, jingles and recollections from those who were there, including John Peel, John Benson, Tony Allan, Mark West, Tommy Shields, Stuart Henry, Jack McLaughlin, Tony Meehan, Noel Miller, Ben Healy, Emperor Rosko, Graham Webb, Norman St. John, Paul Harris and others, as well as special editions of Soundwave, The Kenny Tosh Revival Show and The Lively Lounge. This will be a day not to be missed for radio fans.