sabato 29 aprile 2017

Community Radio: future licensing and technical policy statement

Ofcom has today published a statement following its review of community
radio: future licensing and technical policy:

"There are 250 Ofcom-licensed community radio stations broadcasting in locations across the UK. These stations are small, not-for-profit services which bring a range of benefits to their target communities, and are run with the help of volunteers.
This statement sets out our decision to conduct a fourth licensing round for community radio services, and how we will seek to ensure that our processes for awarding licences are quicker and more focused than in previous rounds.

We have also made revisions to our technical policy in relation to the frequencies and coverage areas for these services to take account of individual station requirements, which may differ.

Finally, this statement sets out our position on the prioritisation of our future community radio work."

Full 26-page report at:

(via Community Media Association discussion list, 28 April)

Worth reading in full - it includes responses from existing stations to consultation.

Note Ofcom says applications submitted in October 2016 for Greater London and AM licences - they anticipate decisions will be made before the summer.
And licensing of small-scale DAB was not likely to commence before 2018.