sabato 17 dicembre 2016

Sri Lanka celebrates 91 years of completion in radio broadcasting

Sri Lanka marks the 91 years of completion in radio broadcasting tomorrow. Sri Lanka commenced the radio broadcasting in 16th December 1925 under the patronage of then British Governor Sir Hu Clifford. Sri Lanka was the first country in the Asian region to start the radio broadcasting under the British rule. Thereafter Sri Lanka broadcasting service commenced under the supervision of telecommunication regulatory department. Radio Ceylon commenced its broadcasting services as a state department in October 1949.

Mr. John A Lampson who was the senior announcer at BBC and served as manager in three centers of European region was appointed as the first director of Broadcasting Department. M.J Perera was the first director of Sinhala Service of this department. The commercial service commenced on the 30th of September 1950. The Broadcasting Department was transformed as Broadcasting Corporation on the 5th of January 1967.

The first Chairman and Director General of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation was Nevil D. Jayaweera. The SLBC is now having many language services including Sinhala National, Commercial, City FM, Tamil and English services under its belt along with online services.