domenica 25 dicembre 2016

Japan to broadcast radio program for North Korea abductees on more frequencies

The government plans to broadcast its shortwave radio program aimed at Japanese abductees in North Korea on more frequencies in the next fiscal year, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said.
The program, “Furusato no Kaze” (“Wind from the Homeland”), is broadcast in Japanese and Korean, and includes information on Japanese policy on North Korea and the abduction issue, messages from relatives and friends of the abductees, and familiar Japanese songs, according to the government website on the issue.
Suga told a news conference Monday that the government’s abduction issue headquarters has requested that the necessary funds to add broadcast frequencies be included in the fiscal 2017 budget.
“The government values this broadcast as part of our efforts so that the abductees can return home as soon as possible,” Suga said.
The program, updated weekly, consists of roughly 30 minutes of content in each language and is aired daily on a number of shortwave frequencies at alternate times.